Dikembe Mutombo’s Latest Super Weird Ad Campaign Finds Him Living In A Car’s Engine

03.10.17 3 months ago

Mobil 1

Dikembe Mutombo hasn’t played professional basketball since 2009, but the Hall of Famer remains part of the basketball world’s conscience thanks to his patented finger wag. The finger wag has, for the most part, been retired since Mutombo left the NBA because directing the finger wag at a player will result in a technical for taunting.

It also just doesn’t feel quite the same when it isn’t Dikembe, with his massive index finger, shaking it at you while saying, “no no no!” Mutombo’s finger wag is iconic, and is something that people with any sort of tangental basketball knowledge are aware of. That means Mutombo and his finger wag often get presented with opportunities to do commercials. The GEICO commercials from a few years ago featuring Mutombo were a hit, and now he’s back to try and sell you long-life motor oil with Mobil 1 to go in your car that you have insured.

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