Dime Exclusive: Boston Celtics Championship Ring

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Boston Celtics Championship Ring

Since the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship last June, everyone has been waiting in anticipation to see what type of bling they would receive on opening night. We talked last week about how Tony Allen got his ring fitted for his pinky and last night about the ceremony itself. But here, exclusive to Dime, are some photos of the $30,000 piece of memorabilia.

The ring is made of 14-karat white gold. The top of the ring has an emerald shamrock of three custom cut, heart-shaped 8mm emeralds and four custom cut emeralds to form the stem. The shamrock itself is surrounded by 64 diamonds and the bezel has 20 more.

On one side, the ring has “Banner 17” to commemorate the Celtics NBA-record 17th title, the Celtics logo, record and the Zulu word “Ubuntu,” which loosely translated means, “A person is a person only through other people” – a mantra introduced by Celtics coach Doc Rivers. On the other side, the ring has the player’s name and number, the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy (with a round diamond as the basketball) and the logos for the Celtics and the NBA.

For a final touch, Red Auerbach‘s signature is inscribed on the inside. In total, the ring has a combined 92 diamonds and emeralds and has close to 9-carats of gemstones.

The ring was made by Intergold, a company based out of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1980, Intergold has set themselves apart from the rest. In 1994, they beat all the North American competition to win the contract to make the NBA championship ring for the Houston Rockets. In 1995, they did it again. They also crafted the Detroit Pistons‘ championship rings in 2004.

Boston Celtics Championship Ring

Boston Celtics Championship Ring

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