Baron Davis to sign with the Clippers; Other Free Agent News and Rumors

07.02.08 9 years ago 69 Comments
Baron DavisBaron Davis (photo. Tim Tadder)

The first day of free agency has come and gone and with that are a whole lot of rumors and news that could make or break your day. Remember, for the next seven days everything that is a done deal is actually a “verbal” done deal. Agreements aren’t official until July 9. That being said, nobody this side of Carlos Boozer has really gone back on the verbal agreement … The big news that broke last night is that Baron Davis is reportedly going to sign with the Clippers. Yeah, L.A. is home for BD, and if they can keep Elton Brand, they have a nice nucleus, but we still aren’t feeling this move. He was part of a good thing in Golden State, a central piece of a team that feels like it’s always on the verge of doing great things. And now it feels like he left just for the money. But this is pro sports and that’s the way things work. The Clips reportedly offered five years guaranteed, while the Warriors supposedly offered two, which if true, makes Baron’s decision understandable … The other biggest names in the market – Brand and Gilbert – are all going to have plenty of suitors. If you believe today’s chatter, Arenas looks to end up either back in Washington (especially since they backed up the Brinks truck), back in Golden State (which could be a real possibility with Baron gone), or possibly in Sacramento (even though they agreed to a deal with Beno Udrih). Brand may still remain a Clipper as well. Gain Brand and Baron, lose Maggette? That would be a solid off-season no matter how you look at it. Will Donald Sterling really write both of those checks though? … With Maggette clearly the odd man out with the Clippers, the Celtics have reportedly already offered him their mid-level $5.8 million exception. Convince him to take a pay cut and they become significantly more of a problem than what we saw this year … One of the other blue chips of the free agency market, Josh Smith (restricted FA), is playing the field. Smith met with the Hawks yesterday and is meeting with Philly next week. The Sixers are treading a very slippery slope going after Smith. If they pursue him hard they may lose out on Iguodala, and if you believe Atlanta, the Hawks will match anything Philly (or anyone else) has to offer. A source told us last week that Philly is set on pulling out all the stops for Josh, even if it means losing ‘Dre in the process … Blazers fans can be very happy with day one. Although it was widely expected, the Blazers announced the signing of Rudy Fernandez (peace Sergio). We’ve been saying it for a number of years: the kid can play. All of a sudden the Blazers have a deep backcourt with Fernandez, Bayless, Blake, and Roy. Odd man out? Eventually it has to be Blake. For the time being though, Blake isn’t completely out of the PG rotation. Fernandez is more of a two guard who can play the point and Bayless is widely considered a combo guard as well. … Chris Duhon in New York anyone? Anyone? Duhon isn’t exactly the splash that Knicks fans were hoping for at the point guard position, but if the former Bull and Dukie does in fact sign the reported two-year, 6 million dollar offer, the Knicks are getting a legit back up point guard who can run an offense, D up and who’s money won’t be a factor for them down the road … With T.J. Ford in Indiana, the Raptors have reached a new agreement with Jose Calderon. Fantasy owners should be salivating about the assist possibilities with Calderon getting the full 40 night in and night out and two big dudes to dish it to in J.O. and Chris Bosh … Evidently Bill Walker’s knee injury wasn’t that serious. He’ll have minor surgery today that will only put him on the shelf for 3 to 4 weeks … We’re out like Boom Dizzle …

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