Dime Q&A: All Day Basketball Is The Next Big Name In Trick Shots

08.05.11 6 years ago 2 Comments
All Day Basketball

You probably saw Dude Perfect and their trick shots on ESPN. They were pretty impressive, to say the least. Well the next big name in basketball trick shots is waiting to bust loose and hit the big time: All Day Basketball. The group’s youngest members, Jack (the cameraman) and Will Sims are 15, their older brother Paul is 19, and their neighbor Brad Marlow rounds out the group at 20 years old.

Hailing from Fort Wayne, Ind., the foursome possess an uncanny knack for knocking down ridiculously difficult shots from anywhere and everywhere. And that’s because no shot is too imposing; they’ll go through, over, around and under any obstacle you give them. I had the chance to speak with the All Day Basketball crew about how it all began and where their trick shot future might take them.

And yes, it’s all 100% real. Check out their trick shots HERE.

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Dime: How did All Day Basketball get started?
Paul Sims: First off, we saw some videos by a group named Dude Perfect, I think you know them. We saw some of their stuff online and on ESPN. Then we were shooting around back in our driveway, and we basically kept shooting from farther away, going back to like the sidewalk squares. And then Jack started taping, and then we starting getting crazier and crazier shots and we got the idea that maybe we could put it on YouTube and become a trick shot group.

Dime: You’ve gone from admiring Dude Perfect to being in direct competition with them. How do you plan on overtaking them as the nation’s best trick shot group?
PS: One of their trademarks, is, I would say, going big. Like they get into big places such as Cowboys Stadium, Reliant Stadium, obviously they’re big name places. Recently we’ve gotten into our local baseball diamond called Parkview Field. We’re also planning on going to the Coliseum in Fort Wayne, which is a basketball/hockey arena. So we’re starting to get into some places rather than shooting at our houses and local courts and stuff, which gives us more opportunities. Also, we don’t necessarily think we have to get into those same places to overtake, if you want to say that, Dude Perfect.

Dime: How did you guys come up with the name All Day Basketball?
Brad Marlow: Originally I came up with the name by…let’s say your playing with your buddies, a game of H-O-R-S-E, and you keep on making the shots and your friend keeps on missing them. You just say, “That’s all day.” You can’t miss at all.

Dime: I saw on YouTube that you sent a highlight package of your best shots to ESPN. What ever came of that?
BM: That was their highlight challenge thing, and we did not win or get in the top three for that.
Jack Sims: But we did get on the ESPN website, with their like cool YouTube videos, on Page 2. That was pretty cool.

Dime: What do your friends and family think of what your doing and the popularity that you’ve gained?
PS: I’ll just like tell other people, whether it’s at school or at work and everybody’s like, “That’s crazy, how did you do that?” Especially people that have never seen it before. They’re like, “How is that even possible?”
JS: Our family’s really supportive, they can’t believe it. And like our relatives, they get more excited than we do when we make them. So it’s really nice to have that encouragement.

Dime: What’s your favorite trick shot that you’ve done so far?
PS: We’ve got a couple. I’m gonna say, the one I made on the most recent edition where I make a layup in the one basket and then kick it full court, straight out of the air into the other basket. Just ’cause of the difficulty. And then another one I’d say is one we haven’t posted online yet, ’cause it involves all three of us. We did it at the local high school stadium that you might’ve seen in some of our shots. Will’s halfway up the stadium, I’m three-quarters up, Brad’s at the top. We all shot down to the bottom where the basket is, and we all make it at once.

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