Dime Q&A: Doug Gottlieb Breaks Down The NBA Draft & His Favorite Comedies, Part II

03.12.12 6 years ago
Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (photo. Britney McIntosh/UK Athletics)

Since he watches so much college basketball, you’ll be pressed to find someone besides Doug Gottlieb with a better handle on which NBA Draft prospects will succeed and which ones will become busts. With that, we give you an exclusive conversation we recently had with the ESPN analyst. In part one of this conversation that we ran Sunday afternoon, Gottlieb broke down the tournament and college basketball in general, speaking on parity and the notion that recruiting has drastically changed in the past few years.

The former college hoops star at Oklahoma State, Gottlieb will be all over the NCAA Tournament, and spilled the beans with us recently on everything from Twitter to all of the best draft prospects to even who needs to start using Rogaine.

Here is part two of the conversation…

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Anthony Davis is the top NBA prospect, would you argue with that?
“No argument.”

What makes him so special?
“He is just scratching the surface offensively. I’ll tell you what I’m amazed by, I’m amazed by he was a guard his whole life till he grew as of late and yet he has great timing as a shot-blocker. I would have thought you have to be big your whole life to have great timing as a shot-blocker and he has debunked any of that, completely. I’m amazed by it. He doesn’t seem to require getting the basketball. He is not hungry offensively, I like to use the term ‘hungry for the basketball.’ He is not hungry for the basketball. He just plays. He is a good teammate, passes the ball, great plays defense, erases mistakes, and makes plays. He is basically a better offensive version at this point in his career than Tim Duncan when he was a freshman at Wake Forest. Less clumsy, moves better, great athlete, great hands, good feel. If he keeps working sky is the limit. He can be a potential superstar in the NBA.”

Who are the top prospects in the upcoming Draft to you?
“I do the draft for ESPN Radio, for SportCenter, and ESPN.com.

“It starts and ends with Anthony Davis.

“I do think (Andre) Drummond is a top 2-3 pick. I think he has a ton of potential. I don’t think he has the same fell or timing, but he is very young. You can see that he can really defend, has pretty good hands, but is a non-offensive player right now. I take a chance on him at two or three.”

Harrison Barnes?
“People are down on Harrison Barnes because he is not Kobe Bryant. I think he is Sean Elliott. I think he is a heck of a player, he may not ever be an All-Star, but he can guard, he can shoot, he can post, and he can move. He is a little selfish when he drives, not too selfish. I like him.”

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