Dime Q&A: Roy Hibbert Gives A Preview Of What To Expect In “Call Of Duty: Ghosts”

06.12.13 4 years ago
Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert is a true gamer. During this year’s Eastern Conference Finals, Hibbert was Miami’s kryptonite, averaging over 22 points and 10 rebounds per game. While Miami would go on to beat Indiana in seven games, that wouldn’t be enough to stop Roy from evolving into a prime-time player.

It may be the offseason for the former Georgetown product, but he has carried over his identity as a gamer to the E3 Gaming Convention in L.A., where Call of Duty: Ghosts is one of the many featured games on display. It’s only fitting that the Pacers big fella is teaming up with Activision as their official E3 booth correspondent to promote CoD‘s latest addition, along with Skylanders: SWAP Force, Diablo III and Bungie’s new SciFi shooter, Destiny, on a 122-foot wide, 30-foot tall screen at E3.

Hibbert is giving his take on the displayed games, but has also been picking up the mic to ask gaming journalists and show attendees their opinions.

We caught up with Hibbert at the convention where he talked about his admiration for the creators of CoD, how he strives to be the best at it, David West giving him tax advice, and Paul George‘s interesting wardrobe choices.

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Dime: So E3 kicks off today at the L.A. Convention Center and this is your first trip ever. Talk about your itinerary and what you’ve got planned over the next couple of days.
Roy Hibbert: I’m pretty much doing everything that I can. Asking questions, taking photos with people and being a brand ambassador.

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Dime: You’ve made it known that you’re a huge Call of Duty fan. With CoD: Ghosts dropping next fall, there must be a lot of anticipation amongst the CoD loyalists at E3. Give me your thoughts on the unique plot in ghosts that includes a mass event leaving the government, military and the characters’ way of life in disarray.
RH: I mean it’s a great story line. They brought in this guy that wrote Syriana (Oscar winner Stephen Gaghan) so it’s a very good plot, very intricate and everything like that. They put a lot of time and effort into making the quality game that I appreciate.

Dime: The main character in this one is seen as the underdog but also battles with his brother and dog Riley in combat. Talk about how you value these underdog and family components of the game and how they translate to you as a member of the Indiana Pacers?
RH: I mean to tell you the truth, I’m just a total fan of the game and the franchise. And the fact that obviously it’s a dire situation and everything like that. The togetherness and teamwork (of the game) I guess you could connect with the Pacers but I have a special connection with the dog. When I watch the gameplay and when I’ve played the game, the dog sticks out to me. I think that the people behind the game did a good job of bringing in stuff that you would not have known or the other games have not done with those three (characters).

Dime: I take it that your competitiveness and drive to demolish every opponent translates to CoD as well?
RH: Yeah, I mean, sometimes you could play the same level 10 times and you could have 10 different results. So I want to be the best and you have to keep playing to be the best and keep sharpening your tools. And seriously, I’ve seen the maps, I’ve seen the guns — this shit is getting blown to a whole new level.

Dime: We know you’ll be the first member of the Pacers to go get Ghosts when it drops. You expect any of your other teammates to be a close second?
RH: Probably Jeff Pendergraph and Paul George. Whenever we have rookies, we usually have the rookies go pre-order the game and get the game for us. So we don’t have to worry about getting it a couple days after or a week or two after. It’s something that will be marked down on my calendar. I just can’t wait to get it, beat the game and then play with my teammates online.

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