Kobe’s sidekick is ready to ball, more Ben Gordon trade rumors, and watch out for Damon Jones

08.29.08 9 years ago 54 Comments
Ben GordonBen Gordon, Dime #15

Andrew Bynum has had the slowest-healing knee injury since Bo Kimble in Heaven is a Playground. After his star-making half-a-season (which was apparently enough evidence to guarantee multiple championships, if you listen to Lakers fans), Bynum was supposed to be back for the start of the playoffs, then maybe for the conference finals, then maybe for the NBA Finals, and now he won’t be seen until training camp. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak did get a peek at his project big man recently, though, and he was impressed enough to say the kid will be 100 percent when camp starts. We’re just in wait-and-see mode at this point … Fully healthy, based on what we saw last year, where does Bynum rank among NBA centers? Where would he put L.A.’s front line compared to the rest of the combos in the League? … As much as everyone’s been saying the Jazz have needed an explosive scoring two-guard for years, the team shot down yesterday’s Ben Gordon-to-Utah trade rumors pretty quickly and emphatically. Wonder if they felt BG wasn’t a good match basketball-wise, personality-wise or both. Too bad for him, because we could definitely see him filling it up by feeding off Deron Williams‘ passes, the double-teams Carlos Boozer draws, and AK-47‘s underrated passing ability. And of course a big year for Ben (if he takes the qualifying offer) means he’ll be in good shape as a free agent in ’09 … Of course Nate McMillan had to play it cool as he got a first-hand look at Rudy Fernandez‘s showing in the Olympic gold medal game, but as we expected, dude was pretty giddy looking forward to the Blazers getting Fernandez this year. “I was so impressed with him that it was to the point where after the second time I saw him, I didn’t sleep that night because I was moving my rotations around,” McMillan told the Oregonian. “I swear I did not sleep. I could not sleep thinking about him. Because I’m saying, ‘We can put him here, do this with him, do that with him and Brandon (Roy), and do this. He’s playing for us. Oh yeah. I see that right now.” We did our own playing around, and unless these Travis Outlaw trade rumors turn into something, we’re seeing the Blazers going with the somewhat-established crew of Steve Blake, B-Roy and Outlaw starting at the 1-2-3 spots, but once Jerryd Bayless and Rudy get involved off the bench, there are a lot of different looks McMillan can throw out there … The Grizzlies officially signed Hamed Ehadadi, the 7-2 center from Iran who averaged more rebounds (11.2) and blocks (2.6) than anyone else in the Beijing Games. Memphis is overloaded on unproven big men, between Ehadadi, Marc Gasol and Darko, and the battle for the starting center job could simply come down to who can stay out of foul trouble and who can stay out of Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo‘s way on offense. We don’t envy Marc Iavaroni … If you missed it yesterday, we unveiled Converse’s new WADE 4 in a special colorwary. Check it out HERE and tell us what you think … The Final Four of our “Best Three-Point Shooters of the Last 20 Years” tournament is down to Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Glen Rice and Dell Curry. We were kind of surprised that more of your picked Curry over Chris Mullin. How much of that has to do with Stephen Curry being in the spotlight recently and everyone getting to remember how good his Dad was? Of course Mahmound Abdul-Rauf on NBA Jam Tournament Edition would smoke anyone on these lists … E-mail from Austin out in Seattle: “I went to the Storm/Comets WNBA game with a friend who had suite tickets. I hate that every time I look at Tina Thompson, I have to remember she had a kid with Damon Jones.” … Speaking of, we just realized something scary: For an attention-whore like Damon Jones, how will he react to having several national TV games via LeBron in Cleveland to most likely having zero national TV games in Milwaukee? DJ will be so starved for a spotlight that he might wear a suit made of Christmas tree lights at All-Star … We’re out like Damon in the public eye …

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