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Brandon RoyBrandon Roy, Dime #24

There’s no question Brandon Roy got off that game-winning shot at the OT buzzer in time to beat the Rockets. HOWEVER, did anyone else get the impression that the clock didn’t start as soon as he caught the ball? Can you catch, pivot, elevate and shoot with a full follow-through in 0.8 seconds? Everyone who’s played with or against B-Roy will tell you he always seems to be moving slower than you think and is deceptively quick, but something was kinda fishy about that. And the game was in Portland, so you can imagine where the timekeeper would be a little slow on the trigger. Oh well. The Rockets didn’t seem to protest it, so we guess it’s not a huge deal … Throughout the fourth quarter and overtime, Roy (17 pts, 7 rebs, 5 asts) was mostly being put on smash by Ron Artest, but the few times he did get away from Ron-Ron he made the most of it, either getting a bucket or drawing Yao away from his man and getting an assist. Two plays before the game-winner, Roy lost Artest on a full-sprint, stop-on-a-dime turnaround J that went down with 1.9 seconds remaining … That shot led to what could’ve been the game-winner from Yao; with Portland up by two, Rafer Alston held it on the inbound pass for about 4.8 seconds while looking for Artest or T-Mac (30 pts, 7 rebs, 8 asts), finally getting it to Yao, who calmly sunk a turnaround baseline jumper and got fouled in the process. When he hit the free throw, the Blazers looked like they were done before Roy’s heroics … Not sure what this says about each guy, but did you notice when Roy hit the turnaround shot with 1.9 left, the Blazers bench acted like they’d seen him do that a million times? Meanwhile, when Yao hit his big shot, the Rockets bench looked surprised as hell (and Jerryd Bayless looked like he was actually going to cry on the other side) … If you don’t happen to have a sick handle or stop-and-go ability like Roy, Rudy Fernandez showed another effective way to give Artest buckets: run around like an escaped mental patient and hope you’re too fast for Artest to grab you. One time Rudy (15 pts) ran Ron through the hamster wheel, including two tight circles around a couple other players, before getting the ball and sprinting past Artest to hit a scoop shot over Yao’s fingertips. Reggie Miller — one of the best ever at moving without the ball — compared Fernandez to Drazen Petrovic with his off-ball skills … Reggie on Chuck Hayes: “He’s a little offensively challenged.” … While we feel bad for Eric Gordon, who’s been relegated to garbage time minutes in L.A., at least he’s playing. Bayless has been clocking DNP-CD’s at a surprising rate. Even Ike Diogu is getting more burn … With Dwight Howard (14 pts, 8 rebs, 3 blks) on the bench for long stretches due to foul trouble, the Sixers failed to capitalize and fell to 0-3 on the road this year. What are the two most basic things you have to do against the Magic? Box out, and get on their shooters. Philly did neither, and it seemed every Orlando bucket came from offensive rebounds and wide-open threes … Our pre-game checklist for Andre Iguodala breaking out of his early-season funk included, (1) not turning the ball over a lot, (2) scoring without milking 22 seconds off the shot clock at a time, (3) contributing in other ways — like rebounding — if his shot wasn’t falling. Consider it a near-success for Iguodala: He was 4-for-12 from the field (16 pts) and committed five turnovers, but he did pull down 11 boards and didn’t completely stagnate the offense … Did Jameer Nelson shave and get a line-up for national TV? Good for him … Andrew Bynum clearly enjoys being rich. The other day we told you about him making it rain the the club (to which Phil Jackson said: “It was only $100 — all ones. I guess it’s what we have to expect in this day and age.”) and here’s this from Luke Walton‘s blog: “What did I do for Halloween? We arrived in Denver Friday night and had a nice dinner at Elway’s Steak House courtesy of Andrew Bynum, who was kind enough to pick up the bill since he signed his new contract extension.” Having rich friends is always nice … We’re out like Scruffy Jameer …

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