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11.15.08 9 years ago
Rasheed WallaceRasheed Wallace (photo. NBA)

Every time the Rasheed Wallace critics think they have an air-tight case to call BS on the Rasheed Wallace loyalists for their “He’s a Top-10 NBA talent” argument, ‘Sheed delivers a game like last night’s 25-point, 13-rebound effort against the Lakers, where the Pistons knocked off the League’s last undefeated team. In all honesty, most of us in the office thought L.A. would cruise, given the way the two teams had recently switched roles. Remember when Detroit was the definition of teamwork, chemistry and versatility, while the Lakers were the disjointed group trying to adjust to one superstar’s game? But last night Detroit was the better team from the jump: out-executing L.A. in the half-court, outrunning them in the transition game, and shutting down what had been the League’s hottest offense (the Lakers had just 62 points going into the fourth quarter). In one of his All-Star caliber nights, Rasheed was getting out on the break for dunks and hitting some ridiculous threes, like the one he nailed off the glass with Pau Gasol draped all over him, after which ‘Sheed was laughing in Gasol’s face … If it seemed like Kobe was shooting every time you looked up, it’s because he pretty much was. He jacked up 30 shots on his way to 29 points, but in Kobe’s defense, not many of his teammates decided to show up. And you could tell from Kobe’s body language that he felt the same way … In the one schoolyard where Shaq used to relish being the bully, the Suns narrowly avoided wasting a Vintage Shaq performance (29 pts, 13 rebs, 6 asts) thanks to Amare‘s heroics in Sacramento. After Amare hit an elbow jumper with 4.3 seconds left in overtime to put the Suns up by two, John Salmons got the rock with a mostly clear path on the baseline, but instead of going for a sensible shot or trying to draw a foul, Salmons thought he was Vince Carter and tried to punch a reverse dunk in Amare’s face. STAT tossed that one back, and then swatted Spencer Hawes‘ last-ditch putback to seal the win … Not to pull a T-Mac move, but if you’re Carmelo Anthony, you’ve got to be able to almost smell the second round of the playoffs. The Chauncey Billups trade is looking more like a genius move every day for the Nuggets, who went into Boston and walked out with a convincing win. On his way to 18 points and seven assists, Chauncey was making every correct decision down the stretch, whether it was hitting the open man or calling his own number. With K-Mart playing KG to a draw, the Nuggets kept their cool in crunch time and were solid on D throughout; they’re like a completely different team … Along with Shaun White, John McEnroe and Spike, some of the Dime crew was at MSG for Knicks/Thunder. After the Jerome James “chicken change” incident, the Knicks slapped 116 on the board in another win, getting 29 and 19 boards from Zach Randolph, the latest big man to take part in the “Who’s Eating Robert Swift?” lineup … Steve Smith in the NBA TV studio on the Spurs: “They can still run that offense no matter who it is, just plug them in.” But if we’ve learned anything from this Ginobili/Parker-less stretch, it’s that that’s definitely NOT the case anymore. San Antonio isn’t like a college football powerhouse, where the All-American starters are replaced by a younger batch of All-Americans waiting in the wings. They’re struggling because you can’t just plug George Hill and 47-year-old Mike Finley into Parker and Manu’s spots … The Spurs were able to beat the Rockets last night, though, but it was because of defense, because they held short-handed Houston to 75 points, because T-Mac had 7 points and because Tim Duncan (22 pts) got a huge block on Aaron Brooks on a key possession late in the fourth … Chris Paul had his 20-10 streak snapped, but his 17 points and nine dimes were enough to push the Hornets past the Blazers in a game that was actually a letdown all the way around. Neither team was on top of their game; even the unflappable Brandon Roy made some head-scratching decisions late in the fourth when Portland still had a chance to win. We don’t wanna think guys were affected by the extra-curriculars, but it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened in New Orleans … Greg Oden got his first double-double, posting 11 points, 11 boards and four blocks off the bench … Cute moment during Pacers/Sixers where Kareem Rush checked into the game and went over to guard Brandon Rush, and as soon as they made eye contact both brothers stopped playing it cool and broke into huge smiles. The best part? Mo Cheeks was obviously going for the Kodak moment, because he put Kareem on the court way earlier than he usually does (it was the first quarter) and he summoned Kareem off the bench almost as soon as the Pacers put Brandon in … But that was the end of the cuteness for the Pacers. They put on their Dallas Mavericks costumes for a night, leading by as much as 25 in the first quarter and somehow losing the game. Roy Hibbert‘s stat line summed up the ugliness: One minute, two points, three fouls … We’re out like Swift …

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