Trading Day

02.19.09 9 years ago 38 Comments
Chris PaulChris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

With the NBA trade deadline passing today at 3 p.m. EST, will be your news and rumor central for the day. Trades big and small, rumors big and small, fantasy breakdowns of whatever deals go down — we’ll be all over who goes where and what those moves mean as the season goes into the playoff stretch. If you’ve got a little GM in your blood and have your own trades in mind, take a crack at them HERE to see if they work; for example, Dime’s Andrew Katz thinks the Lakers need to trade for Shaq, and gives his ideal proposal a test run. (On that note, also keep your eyes peeled today as we’ll be posting AK’s feature on Rodney Stuckey from Dime #47, which you can get on newsstands nationwide right now) … Yesterday’s standout deal was the three-team swap between the Kings, Bulls and Blazers. But the bigger trade news was the Tyson Chandler non-deal. After Chandler failed his physical, the Thunder sent him back to New Orleans, which is really better news for the Hornets than anyone else. No doubt Chris Paul, the rest of the team (except maybe Hilton Armstrong) and the disgruntled N.O. fans are happy to have Chandler back, but can you imagine the first run-in between Chandler and the Hornets management? Awkwarrrrrd … Without their starting center, the Hornets still 30-pieced the Magic last night and somehow held Dwight Howard in check after Superman went all berserker on the Bobcats. Dwight had just 12 points (10 in the first quarter), neutralized by a quasi-Hack-a-Dwight strategy. Meanwhile, CP posted 36 points, 10 dimes and three steals, thoroughly exposing Anthony Johnson and Tyronn Lue in the process … Shawn Marion made his Toronto debut, with none other than LeBron as his first assignment. But before all that, who decided to let Marion be called first during the player intros? Knowing what we all know about him, why even give Matrix a reason to feel underappreciated right off the bat? And it’s not like Chris Bosh was playing; just introduce Marion last and avoid any potential pouting. We’re sure Jose Calderon wouldn’t mind … Overall, Matrix was solid (10 pts, 6 rebs, 6 asts) despite the Raptors getting smoked. He held LeBron to 20 points and helped force five turnovers, and on the other end, fit right into Toronto’s offense with his garbage shots and transition game. Marion basically has all the athleticism as Jamario Moon, with an actual basketball IQ on top of that …

Shawn MarionShawn Marion (photo. Brandon Sullivan)

Cavs/Raps also featured maybe the two worst one-on-one defenders in the League, Wally Szczerbiak and Jason Kapono. As soon as Wally stepped on the court, Marion got the rock and everyone cleared out so he could go score, and you know Matrix isn’t even a guy who usually creates his own shot. When Kapono first got in, Mike Brown immediately let Wally post him up and go to work. Szczerbiak and Kapono are like NFL placekickers; you need to play them here and there to put up points, but if they ever have to make a defensive stop, it’s likely to get ugly … Exchange between the Raptors announcers: Color commentator: “Isn’t it nice to see Kobe and Shaq kiss and make up?” Play-by-play guy: “I’m SO over that.” Color commentator: “Oh, I’m TOTALLY over it.” … The Suns dumped 140-plus on the Clippers AGAIN. Without Marcus Camby or A Pimp Named Z-Bo in the lineup, plus the fact that Phoenix had already taken their hearts out of their chest on Tuesday, the Clips were doomed. Amar’e put up 42 points and 11 boards in 36 minutes (read that again), and Steve Nash added 21 and 12 dimes in 27 minutes (really, read that again). One time Shaq basically took the ball from Nash on a break, who started cracking up mid-play. Shaq then hit Nash — who was still laughing — with a perfect bounce pass for a layup. Put that play at the beginning of the “Please Fire Mike Dunleavy” DVD that Donald Sterling should be forced to watch Clockwork Orange-style … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: Kobe had 30 points and nine assists in a win at Golden State; Al Horford went for 18 points and 18 boards in a win at Sacramento; Carmelo dropped 26 points and 14 boards in a win at Philly; Kirk Hinrich scored 31 in a win at Milwaukee; Gerald Wallace had 25 points, 10 boards and seven assists in a win over Indiana; Sebastian Telfair had 30 points and eight assists in a win at Miami, while D-Wade went for 37 points, 12 dimes and four steals in the loss. And in his Heat debut, Jermaine O’Neal had 13 points, one rebound, one gash under his eye, and got dunked on by Mike Miller … About that Kings/Hawks game, this was posted by “TalkHoops” on Dime’s Twitter feed: “If you ever wanted to see what poop on a basketball court looks like, check out the Kings tonight without their two best players.” … Don’t act like Jason Kidd can’t still give elite PG’s a problem. The last time J-Kidd and Devin Harris crossed paths, Devin gave him 40-something, but last night the old vet outplayed the young All-Star on both ends of the floor. Kidd put up 23 points and 10 dimes and harassed Devin into 5-for-18 shooting (16 pts). When he wasn’t getting worked over on pick-and-rolls, Devin kept doubling off Kidd and leaving him open for threes, which killed the Nets during Dallas’ deciding third-quarter run. When Kidd wasn’t shooting Devin’s face off (5 threes), he was hitting cutters and even making Erick Dampier look good … We’re out like Joe Smith‘s visions of the postseason …

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