Jamaal Tinsley’s fake trade, Shaun Livingston to Miami, and Boston doesn’t need James Posey

10.04.08 9 years ago 29 Comments
Shaun LivingstonShaun Livingston (photo. Gary Land)

The Pacers are desperate to get rid of Jamaal Tinsley, but apparently they aren’t desperate enough to take Chucky Atkins and Steven Hunter. A certain somebody with an active imagination first reported the alleged Pacers/Nuggets trade yesterday morning, but by the afternoon it had been confirmed only that the two teams had talked, but no trade had been agreed upon. Makes sense. After all, the Pacers already have their share of point guards who don’t want to pass the ball with T.J. Ford and Jarrett Jack, and their share of big men with questionable heart like Roy Hibbert, Rasho Nesterovic and Josh McRoberts. From Denver’s side, Tinsley would actually be good for them as a pure point who would allow Allen Iverson to stay at the two, but you can’t tell us the front office (and the PR squad) wouldn’t be afraid of the possibilities of what goes down off the court with Tinsley, J.R. Smith and ‘Melo involved. Now that the trade is reportedly not gonna happen, someone needs to talk to Hunter. Wasn’t it a couple years ago when he up and retired from the Sixers for a few days because he’d been involved in a near-trade and his feelings were hurt? … And about those Indy point guards, T.J. Ford has big expectations. “We definitely could be one of the top tandems in the League,” Ford told the Indianapolis Star. “Coming into the places I’ve been, nobody felt the point guard was going to be that dominant in Toronto and Milwaukee, and look at what we turned it into. I don’t see why the same thing won’t happen here.” Best PG tandem in the NBA overall? We’ll go with Chauncey Billups and Rodney Stuckey, and the jury’s still out on Derrick Rose and Kirk HinrichShaun Livingston finally has a home, inking a two-year deal with the Heat on Friday. Livingston won’t be suited up when Miami opens the NBA preseason tomorrow against Detroit (6:30 p.m. EST), and no one’s actually sure if he can even play at all this season. Even in Livingston’s statements to the media, he’s saying stuff more on the side of “When I’m healthy” as opposed to “I want to prove I’m healthy.” … Speaking of the Heat, last year’s standout D-League call-up Joel Anthony has been given the nickname “The Pelican,” because as Marcus Banks explained, “He’s like a big bird flying out there, blocking shots all over the place.” Who’s the worst player in the NBA with a complimentary nickname? (That means Jerome “Big Snacks” James or Robert “Freddy Krueger” Swift don’t count.) “Stevie Franchise” is a monumental stretch in 2008, but you have to remember that Steve Francis was THAT good back when he was given the handle … Yesterday we previewed the ’08-09 Washington Wizards, who just like every year since ’06, could make some noise in the East if they stay healthy. But amongst the readers, the Wizards preview turned into an argument over the statement that Caron Butler is arguably the second-best small forward in the game. Where do you think Caron ranks next to the likes of Paul Pierce, Carmelo, Tayshaun and Ron Artest? … We’re used to seeing a bunch of ankle sprains and rolls in the first week of training camp (Eric Gordon being the latest victim, and he’ll be out for two weeks), but what’s with everyone getting poked in the eye lately? Amare Stoudemire missed some time this week, and Joakim Noah is gonna be out for a few days for the same reason. Somewhere Ric Flair is smiling proudly … Quentin Richardson reportedly looks great in Knicks camp — remember he’s never been better as a pro than when he played for Mike D’Antoni in Phoenix — and says he dropped 25 pounds over the summer. Q-Rich is a regular client of Michael Jordan‘s famous trainer, Chicago-based Tim Grover, as is Mike Finley, who also has been looking like a new man in Spurs camp. Grover also helped rebuild D-Wade in time for the Olympics (detailed in Dime #43), and regularly works with Shawn Marion, one of the best-conditioned athletes in the NBA. So what we’re basically getting at is, Grover client Eddy Curry has no excuse … That good ol’ summer league nepotism sometimes seeps its way into training camp; if you need proof, check out the Knicks giving tryouts to Patrick Ewing Jr., Danny Grunfeld, and the actor who played Pat Riley in Glory Road. The Bucks are bringing T.J. Cummings to camp, the ex-UCLA forward who is of course the son of ex-Milwaukee star Terry Cummings … There’s humility, there’s tact, and then there’s Tony Allen. “I mean, [James Posey] had more experience, more years and knowledge than I did, and me coming off the injury was detrimental to the team,” TA told The Patriot Ledger. “The coaches looked at it like ‘This guy has more strengthening to put on his knee, and right now Pose is a more complete guy.’ I truly believe that I am a better player than Pose. I don’t want to toot my own horn and make it sound like that, but that’s how I feel. I mean, I let the coaches evaluate that. That’s just how I feel.” We believe that if you’d replaced Posey with TA in the Finals, Kobe would have averaged 35 a night, but that’s just how we feel … We’re out like Q’s gut …

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