…And another one for Carolina

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Michael Jordan

It was over 10 minutes after it started. Maybe earlier. North Carolina blasted Michigan State to win the national championship last night, claiming the trophy a lot of people carved “Tar Heels” on way back in June, when Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson and Danny Green decided to come back to school instead of jumping to the NBA … Clark Kellogg put it best right around the time UNC was beginninig to slather honey mustard on the 20-piece: Michigan State’s margin of error was so low going into this game that they couldn’t afford to turn the ball over and miss good shots; yet it seemed like that’s all they did, finishing with 21 turnovers and getting a combined 8-for-30 line from three of their guys who needed to get buckets — Kalin Lucas, Chris Allen and Durrell Summers … Some of it was bad decision-making, like when Goran Suton bypassed a good look at a three to drive, then fumbled the ball out of bounds. Some of it was just too much UNC talent, like when Lucas (14 pts, 7 asts) cut to the rim on a well-drawn inbounds play only to have the ball ripped out of hands by Lawson and ignite another UNC fast break. And some of it was just chance, like Allen missing every jumper he took and several MSU shots going halfway down before popping out. State made a decent run in the second half, but the Tar Heels were just too much. They made the tough shots and the easy shots, their D was stellar, and they didn’t let up for a second … How about Jim Nantz trying everything in his power to make Roy Williams cry on the post-game stage? Nantz started off talking about how the players behind Roy were crying, then he brought up Dean Smith, then he started saying something about Roy’s mom working two jobs and saving up nickels so Little Roy could go buy a Coke before CBS cut the mic … Anyone else think Ty Lawson (21 pts, 6 asts, 8 stls) got robbed out of Final Four Most Outstanding Player? Wayne Ellington (19 pts) did his thing, as did Psycho T, but Lawson was the lynchpin and the difference-maker all along, especially last night. Maybe with Lawson already having ACC Player of the Year and the Bob Cousy Award and Hansbrough having 10 million other trophies, the writers just wanted to give Ellington something … The fact that State committed 17 fouls in the first nine minutes gives you an idea how they couldn’t handle UNC’s speed and always seemed a step behind. Or the fact that they couldn’t get a ball past Lawson. He recorded his Final Four record 8th steal about five minutes into the second half … Bobby Frasor is the White Greg Oden. He looks like he’s 34 years old. The UNC freshmen probably call him “sir” while he tells them stories of tossing alley-oops to Joe Forte … Speaking of random Tar Heels, some of the Dime contingent in Detroit spotted Julius Peppers, Ed Cota and Makthar Ndiaye rolling together yesterday … North Carolina’s ultimate champion, Michael Jordan, headlined the ’09 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame class, announced yesterday along with John Stockton, David Robinson, Jerry Sloan and C. Vivian Stringer … Asked what would happen if he and Magic played to decide the Carolina/Michigan State matchup, Mike scoffed, “You really think he can beat me?” Actually, that one would be close. Mike is younger and was always the better 1-on-1 player, but Magic still works out and plays ball almost every day. There’s a good chance Mike’s only lifting these days involves 28-year-old chicks in his lap, and his only running is when he’s running through chips at the blackjack table … Magic was all over the place the last few days. We were at a Michigan State party on Monday when Magic showed up. He was signing autographs “Magic Johnson #33” … So it’s finally over for Hansbrough (18 pts, 7 rebs), and still nobody knows what to make of his future. (And say what you want about him, but watching Hansbrough jump around like a little kid after the win was cool.) Half the people say he’s gonna be the next Mark Madsen; the other half see a productive NBA guy who can be a not-so-creepy Reggie Evans. With no more college games to judge him by, what do you think? … The big non-Carolina news of the day? The Spurs found out Manu Ginobili will miss the rest of the season and the playoffs thanks to more complications with that busted right ankle. Is that a wrap for San Antonio? Last year they didn’t have Roger Mason at their disposal, but Mason is no Manu … We’re out like Suton …

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