11.24.08 9 years ago
Randy FoyeRandy Foye (photo. Jeff Forney)

If he can crank out 70 more games like the one he had Sunday, Randy Foye might get people to forgive the Wolves for choosing him over Brandon Roy. In what was honestly the best game we’ve seen him play as a pro, Foye lit up the Pistons for 23 points and 14 dimes, giving the Wolves their first road win of the season and providing a glimpse into what Kevin McHale is envisioning for this franchise down the road: Foye and Al Jefferson as the outside-inside 1-2, with strong role players like Ryan Gomes, Craig Smith and Mike Miller filling the gaps … During the pre-game show on the Pistons broadcast, the announcers were really making it sound like they were legitimately worried about Minnesota, pointing out that Minny leads the League in assist-to-turnover ratio and that their bench drops 40-plus points per game. We thought it was just a case of hyping up the opponent to keep viewers interested, but they must have known something we didn’t, because the Wolves came out looking like an entirely different team than the one that got destroyed by the Celtics the other day … The Pistons, on the other hand, looked exactly like the team that got destroyed by the Celtics the other day. Tayshaun Prince (20 pts) was the only one who really showed up, and A.I., Rip and Rasheed couldn’t buy a bucket, shooting a combined 8-for-32 from the field. “I stunk up the gym tonight,” Iverson said. “I couldn’t do anything right on the offensive end. It was one of the nights you wish you never have, but they happen. It will be tough to sleep tonight.” … During that aforementioned Minnesota/Boston game, the C’s announcers were saying Kevin Love would be better off with an Eastern Conference team. Love has talent and instincts, but he doesn’t really fit into what the Wolves are doing. (Think they regret the O.J. Mayo trade?) And since Jefferson owns the paint over there, Love is often literally outside his element 18-20 feet from the basket … Anyone else look at Will Bynum and see Nate Robinson after the hops start to decline? … After getting shut down by the Lakers on Friday and struggling in general lately, Carmelo got in a late-night shooting session to work out the kinks in his jumper before coming back to face the Bulls yesterday. It worked, as ‘Melo had his stroke back (21 pts, 13 rebs, 8 asts), nailing a three to give the Nuggets the lead in the fourth quarter, then extending the lead with a two-hand monster dunk that was so vicious we mistook him for Kenyon Martin for a sec. That was the highlight of a 13-0 Denver run that sent Chicago packing, which was punctuated by K-Mart himself throwing down a signature K-Mart dunk and scaring the entire first two rows after screaming at everyone … Who besides Kobe has more in-air body control/hang-time than Derrick Rose? … It’s been a while, but today we’ve got a new installment of “Pass the Mic,” where we give up the space for our readers to post their own columns. This time we’re handing it over to Sarah Tolcser, founder and editor of HornetsHype.com and known as “ticktock6” on the DimeMag.com comments section … Elton Brand hasn’t exactly been the 20-10-2 machine we’re used to since coming over to Philly, but he looked every bit the All-Star while feasting on the Warriors for 23 points and 12 boards. (Wait, a big man had a monster game against Golden State? Shocker.) Philly dominated the glass (of course) and forced GS to play their style: there were hardly any fast-breaks on either side, Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette couldn’t hit anything, and Anthony Morrow (6 pts) may have officially come back to Earth … Jamal Crawford didn’t suit up for the Warriors. He’s supposed to be taking his physical later today and will play tomorrow against the Wizards … The Celtics didn’t need Paul Pierce to jump in the phone booth and save them this time around, as they beat the Raptors convincingly on Toronto’s court. Pierce had a quiet 11 points, while Ray Allen hit five threes and finished with 21 points in an up-and-down game where Rajon Rondo was making Jose Calderon‘s life hell. Calderon is like the new Steve Nash. As good as he is controlling the tempo and distributing, he’s constantly getting busted on defense. Devin Harris gave him 30 in The Vince Carter Game, and Rondo (15 pts) had Calderon chasing him around all day on Sunday … Jermaine O’Neal tried to give it a go on that left knee he hurt against New Jersey, but he couldn’t make it out of the second quarter. O’Neal said he’ll be good to go Wednesday against the Bobcats, but between he and T-Mac downplaying their recent knee injuries, we have a bad feeling somebody is going down soon … Was everyone at the AMA’s baked? Kanye, Raekwon, the dude from Coldplay; it seemed everybody had shared some extra-strong stuff in the green room before the show. Kanye’s “I wanna be the next Elvis!” speech was on some other level of weirdness … We’re out like J.O. …

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