Dirk And Dallas With The Comeback Of Their Lives

06.03.11 7 years ago 150 Comments
Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Monte Isom)

OMG. LOL. WTF. LMAO. Seriously, what did we watch? How did that happen? One minute Miami was introducing the first ever NBA Finals Dunk Contest, and the next the Mavs were canning Js all over the place, erasing a 15-point lead in the final seven minutes and grabbing the win they absolutely had to have, 95-93, after Dirk hit a layup with just three seconds left. Was this the swing game? It’s too early to say. But one thing it did do was turn this jaunt from a coronation to a series. After a 13-0 run by Miami near the beginning of the fourth, it felt like it was over. LeBron (20 points, eight rebounds, four steals) and Wade (36 points) walked back to the huddle after a D-Wade trey, smirking like they knew they were winning a championship in a week. So down 15, they fell asleep and the Mavs exploded, hitting the jump shots they couldn’t make all night. Dirk (24 points, 11 rebounds) scored nine straight points to end it for Dallas while Miami had two consecutive awful possessions that ended in ugly James’ threes. Tied up in the final seconds, Dirk somehow was left single-covered against Chris Bosh (4-for-16, 12 points), went right, spun back and got all the way to the rim, hitting the game-winner with his left (the injured side). With no timeout, all Miami could get was a floating three from Wade at nearly midcourt. Clank. Can we forget the lockout, forget the summer and just watch Dirk all day? Not only was he $ in the clutch, but he was hitting lefty layups all night, forcing himself to overcome the break. The Notorious J.V.G. joked that “There are some guys in this league today who would help him ice it” but still, what Nowitzki did was insane … Who let this kid out of the house? … You ever watch a movie that’s entertaining, but you just know exactly how it’ll end up? That was us last night. No matter how close the score was – even in the first half when the Mavs built up a nine-point lead – we never felt Dallas had a chance. How wrong were we? Early on after Jason Kidd hit a three to put Dallas up six, every Mavs’ starter had scored. They looked energized and ready to go. At the same time, Wade hit three of his first four shots and soon LeBron regained the lead for Miami. After a few transition buckets to start the second quarter, Dallas was up and shooting nearly 60 percent. The only way the Mavs will ever score enough points is if they get into transition and force some turnovers. They were doing that to start the second quarter, building up a six-point lead. Yet, they had the chance to really grab hold of the game, missing consecutive wide-open threes. Just like that, Wade jammed home a missed shot, then got a steal and dunk to re-energize the crowd. The Mavs led for much of the half, but a 9-0 Miami run sent it to the break all tied up … Keep reading to hear about Wade’s gangsta, Steve Nash the pimp and yes, Mike Bibby

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