Don Trip Talks About the Making of “Allen Iverson”

03.01.12 6 years ago
Allen Iverson Don Trip

A few weeks back, we were introduced to the song “Allen Iverson” (right at the height of the latest drama surrounding A.I.). We loved the track and posted it on the site for our readers to check out.

Shortly after dropping that post, we had the opportunity to catch up with Memphis-bred artist Don Trip – the man behind “Allen Iverson” – to talk about the making of that track and much more. Check out the interview here:

Dime: What inspired you to start rapping?
Don Trip: Really it just came to me. I always loved the art of rapping & felt there was a place for me. I started writing raps when I was 10 years old so it was kind of a natural thing.

Dime: Growing up Tennessee who were some of your favorite rappers to listen to?
DT: My three favorites were Tupac, Jay-Z, Andre 3000. None of them were from Memphis but I admired them the most. I felt like they really set the bar as far as rapping went.

They definitely played a role in inspiring me to rap but as far as the methods from how I rap I developed my own. Each rapper is different so you can’t mimic techniques or flows. I’ve always had my own style but I looked to them for the blueprint on how to approach it. Mainly they just showed me how to be myself.

Dime: Before you started to gain a real buzz in 2009, did you ever feel like rapping wasn’t for you? It’s just as hard to make it as a rapper as it is to the NBA. Even the most confident ball players doubt themselves sometimes.
DT: Nah, I never felt like rapping wasn’t for me, there were times when I was a little bit frustrated that it hadn’t happened yet. But I knew that it takes time and persistence to make it in this game and I always told myself that in due time I would make it where I was trying to go. I knew it was gonna take hard work to get there but that made the challenge even more exciting.

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