Dwight Howard Wants To Work With Another Hall Of Fame Center; Rajon Rondo A Green Bay Packer?

09.03.12 5 years ago

This weekend on Twitter, Dwight Howard told his followers he planned to take over Andrew Bynum‘s spot in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar‘s Post Science 101 class as soon as doctors cleared him to resume basketball activity. Kareem says that’s cool… once he meets Howard. Yep, Dwight is taking up residence as a Laker pretty quickly, making plans with Abdul-Jabbar without even actually meeting him (UPDATE: The two were able to finally sit down this weekend and discuss working together. Howard tweeted a picture of the two of them with the words: “…For many years to come.” *Cuts to Laker fans fist pumping and screaming*). If they are ever able to get in the gym at the same time – and Kareem says he’d love to teach Howard – we’ll be curious to see how they work together. Howard improved a little bit under the tutelage of Hakeem Olajuwon. Hopefully, Kareem can further the process … Howard also did the politically correct thing and attempted to mend fences with all of the snake-bitten Orlando fans by printing a Love, Dwight letter in the newspaper. We doubt it worked, and the Magic organization is quickly moving along without one of the best players in franchise history. The team’s brass will make Superman 2.0’s No. 12 available this season for anyone who wants it. They also did the same thing with Shaq, Penny and Nick Anderson, so this isn’t all that surprising. More than anything else, it just reminds us of how every breakup Orlando has is excruciatingly bitter. Seriously, O’Neal left them almost overnight, promising to stay faithful and jetting for the prettiest girl in school (L.A.). Penny bitched and moaned about everyone, and was a shell of the man who’d once seemed so promising by the time he left. Tracy McGrady quit on the team, and then almost threw down the gloves against the new hockey GM (John Weisbrod) who came in to make a big splash. And now here’s Dwight, who dragged everyone along for nearly a year. If this stuff all happened in Cleveland or Boston, they’d write a song about it and coin a memorable catch phrase. But because this is Orlando, no one is cursed… rather, people just pin the fault on the Magic … Current Orlando head coach Jacque Vaughn told The Orlando Sentinel he has no preconceived notions about what his rotation will look like this year. Jameer Nelson will probably start at the point with Arron Afflalo at the two and Hedo Turkoglu at the small forward. Then in the frontcourt, we’re guessing it’ll be Al Harrington and possibly Glen Davis or Gustavo Ayon. It looks like they’ll be starting one decent player, like 54 pounds of excess fat and enough wasted money that would keep Kim Kardashian happy. Good luck, Jacque … And Damon Jones, formerly one of the cockiest three-point snipers in the NBA, now says he is “officially” retired as if we didn’t already know that. We’ll miss his All-Star Weekend suits. He’s also the all-time leader in inciting “WTF?! How does he keep getting those seats?” comments … Keep reading to hear which under-the-radar player wants to have a major breakout season this year …

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