Dwyane Wade Says He Wants Kobe Taking A Game’s Last Shot

02.24.12 6 years ago 28 Comments

Guys were saying a lot of crazy stuff today, and if you were following us on Twitter (and me), you would’ve heard most of it. But nothing generated more conversation than what Dwyane Wade said.

On the first real official day of All-Star Weekend in Orlando, both All-Star Teams were available to the media this afternoon, and Wade was asked who he’d want to take the last shot if it wasn’t himself. His choice? Kobe Bryant.

“I’m taking the guy who’s done it before,” he said.

This is a touchy subject, especially around Miami after what happened last June. Some of the media guys pointed that out, and Wade basically told them he wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

(On a side note: It was interesting to hear Mario Chalmers say about the clutch gene: “Some people have it. Some don’t.” And later, Chris Bosh said Chalmers “loves those moments.”)

Was it a diss at LeBron? I don’t think so at all (For what it’s worth, Wade also said immediately after that if he had to pay to see one guy play, it’d be LeBron.). But it did cause an uproar on Twitter. Bryant has the reputation, and the experience, but is shooting only 28 percent this season in the fourth quarter or overtime when there’s less than five minutes left and neither team is ahead by more than 5 points. On the other hand, James – after years of high crunch-time scoring numbers – is also shooting poorly in clutch situations this year. He’s at 33 percent.

*stats via 82games.com

Do you agree with Wade? Who do you want taking the final shot?

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