Ex-NBA Players Causing Scenes At Recent Major League Baseball Games

05.14.12 6 years ago
Dan Majerle

With the Phoenix Suns out of the playoffs, assistant coach Dan Majerle has been enjoying the offseason as you can see from this clip from this past weekend’s Arizona Diamondbacks game. It’s a remarkable catch and as Thunder Dan says in the interview afterwards, he has his priorities straight: “Food first, baseball second.”

It seems like attending baseball games is the thing to do for ex-NBAers. Last month former Philadelphia 76er Matt Geiger was spotted at a Tampa Bay Rays game. Unfortunately for Geiger, his MLB appearance was not as smooth as Majerle’s.

Geiger had a “Bartman” moment, interfering with Tampa Bay Rays’ first baseman Carlos Pena catch of a foul ball. Geiger actually didn’t catch the ball as the ball bounced off his hands into the hands of a fan behind him but it was enough to draw the wrath of the people in the stadium, who booed him mercifully. Security escorted Geiger out of his seat, but he was welcomed back after the play was reviewed. Geiger recounted the experience and apologized the next day on talk radio:

“I’m hearing the boos, I’m the idiot. I get to the top steps and some old lady in a wheelchair says, ‘You A-hole.’ … Once they got out of the inning, I felt a lot better.”

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