Game 7: Who do you got?

06.17.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

Don’t tell anybody, but I dropped my journalistic objectivity a few games ago and have undeniably been pulling for one team to win the 2010 NBA Finals:

The Boston Celtics.

It almost bothers me to say that, because for the most part, I’ve never liked the C’s. I didn’t like ’em as a kid in the ’80s, when — at least coming from where I’m from — the general rule was that White people liked the Celtics and Black people rolled with the Lakers (or Pistons, or Bulls). It wasn’t so bad during the Reggie Lewis/Xavier McDaniel era, although I didn’t like Dee Brown for robbing Shawn Kemp of a Dunk Contest title. I didn’t like Boston during the Pitino era, the Pierce/’Toine era, and most recently, the Big Three era; despite Ray Allen and KG (two of my favorites), being involved, in recent years Boston has produced maybe the most annoying group of fans in the League. They make it hard for an outsider to root for their team.

Going into this year’s Finals, I wasn’t pulling for one team over the other. I wasn’t even necessarily interested in seeing a good series: After watching and writing about NBA games every night for the last eight months, by the time we’re into the Finals, I’m ready for a quick sweep.

But then at some point during Ray Allen’s barrage of threes in Game 2, and Big Baby‘s breakout Game 4, I found myself definitely rooting for the C’s. And short of wearing Ray’s Sonics jersey, I’m going for them to win Game 7 tonight.

I want KG and Ray to get another ‘chip before they’re finished. I want Nate Robinson to reach the peak of NBA success and bring a ring home to Seattle. I want Big Baby to get the respect he deserves as a legit player and not a circus act. I want Tony Allen, who makes a point to donate his time to causes promoting education, to get proof on his ring finger to show kids who are struggling in school that it’s never too late to get back on track. It’s nothing against Kobe or Ron-Ron or Lamar, I’ll just be going for the other team tonight.

But that’s just me.

Who do you got in Game 7 and why?

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