Game-Winner Death Match: Derrick Rose Vs. Jordan Farmar Vs. Kyrie Irving Vs. John Salmons

03.08.12 5 years ago 2 Comments
Derrick Rose

On a night of basketball that had it all, we were given four ridiculous game-winning shots: One by an MVP; One by a rookie; One by a journeyman; And one by a couple of no-names. Four game-winners in one night like this can get even the most hardened League Pass vet to shake their head and smile. We’ll kick things off with Derrick Rose ending Brandon Jennings‘ nightmare of a game with a step-back J in his mug.

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Normally Chris Paul makes pretty sound decisions. But this one made no sense. Double-team a guy 30 feet from the hoop to give a man 25 feet from the hoop a wide open dagger? As someone on YouTube wrote, “This shot was longer than Kris Humphries‘ marriage.” Jordan Farmar‘s been waiting for this moment since he left L.A. Suck it in man because you might not have another one like it for a while.

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