What if Kevin Garnett is out for the season?

03.31.09 9 years ago 35 Comments

Kevin Garnett

Is anyone else seeing the parallels between Kevin Garnett‘s injury situation this year and Andrew Bynum‘s last year?

Garnett returned on March 20 from his right knee strain, and even though the Celtics were closely monitoring him — KG only played 15 and 17 minutes, respectively, in crucial games against the Spurs and Magic — his comeback was cut short after four games when he was held out Friday at Atlanta and Sunday against Oklahoma City. Today, Doc Rivers said the Celtics are shutting down KG for a while longer:

“It probably won’t be for the year,” Rivers said. “He’ll probably play by the end, last couple of games or last three games. It’s just not progressing the way we anticipated it would progress.”

If I’m the Celtics, I’m at least getting mentally prepared for the fact that Garnett might not be there when the playoffs start; and he might not be there when the playoffs end. Just like with Bynum last year — “He’s coming back in April… well, he’s coming back in the first round… well, he’s DEFINITELY coming back if we make the Finals…” — or Gilbert Arenas over the last two years, there’s a real chance Garnett’s injury is worse than anyone is admitting and that he’s not coming back, period.

Then again, it may be that the Celts have quietly conceded the No. 2 seed to Orlando and the No. 1 seed to Cleveland, and have decided to rest Garnett as a precaution going into the playoffs. But that’s the best-case scenario. Worst-case, Garnett is going to be unavailable for the duration of the postseason. Right now it’s just a waiting game to find out the truth.

Can the Celtics win a championship without Garnett in the lineup?

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