GIF: Paul George Flops & Dwyane Wade Is Whistled For The Foul

12.18.13 4 years ago

Dwyane Wade, Paul George

In the first half of tonight’s exciting Pacers – Heat matchup there was a dust-up between Lance Stephenson and Mario Chalmers, not to mention a little tiff on the bench between Chalmers and LeBron James. But it was Paul George that got away with a flop after Dwyane Wade swiped at the ball during a rebound.

Watch as Wade appears to hit George hard on the forehead, sending his head whipping back as if he’s been in an automotive accident. But when you look at the replay, Wade either barely skims the top of George’s head, or doesn’t touch it at all.

Also, here’s that brief verbal spat — that almost turned physical, in the HEAT of the moment — on the bench between ‘Rio and ‘Bron.

The Pacers and Heat have again lived up to the hype and we’ve still got more than half of the fourth quarter to play.

[Video via YouTube user frank den]

Did George flop, and if so, does he get warned by the NBA?

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