Glen Davis Is The New Leon Powe

06.07.10 7 years ago 23 Comments

While Ray Allen‘s eight three-pointers and Rajon Rondo‘s remarkable all-around performance are the key reasons Boston won last night’s game, Glen Davis‘ outing cannot go unnoticed – as Austin Burton mentioned in his piece earlier today. Why? After last night’s game, Davis has had his Leon Powe moment.

In the 2008 NBA Finals, Powe had a breakout Game 2 against the Lakers scoring 21 points in only 15 minutes. While Davis isn’t a relative no-name anymore like Powe was back then, he plays almost exactly the same role: bringing energy and toughness off the bench when Kevin Garnett needs a breather. Powe proved his indispensability in the series after Game 2 and went on to play a big role off the bench the rest of the way. While Powe and Big Baby’s storylines in the Finals are similiar, there is one big difference: KG.

In 2008, Garnett was at the top of his game; a defensive and rebounding machine on a maniacal path to acquire the championship ring he so desired. This year, he is two years older, and never has age showed more than it has thus far in the Finals.

Garnett clearly is not himself, or not his former self I should say, on the floor so far. He seems a step slow on defense, and offensively, he has been non-existent (except for his solid passing in the high post). When Pau Gasol said KG had lost a step, he was right. But fortunately for the Celtics, Davis hasn’t lost a step just yet. If Garnett continues to be a liability on both ends of the floor, Doc Rivers should not hesitate to turn to Davis down the stretch.

For all the knocks on Boston for being an old team, the guy who has looked and played the oldest this series is KG. Big Baby provides more energy, and more quickness, on both ends of the floor than Garnett can at this point. While Garnett will continue to start, and be given the benefit of the doubt based on his pedigree, if he continues to play the way he has over the first two games, Doc would be wise to give Davis more minutes than the 18 he played last night.

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