Grizzlies Owner Robert Pera Challenges Michael Jordan To 1-On-1 Game For $1 Million

10.15.13 4 years ago
Robert Pera

Robert Pera (photo. @robertpera)

The relatively new Grizzlies owner Robert Pera has some game. He’s showed it off during practice with his Grizzlies squad, but this is taking confidence to a new place, one DE Greg Hardy can understand. The 35-year-old Ubiquiti Networks founder challenged Michael Jordan to a game of 1-on-1 on Twitter yesterday.

At 35, Pera is the youngest owner in the Association, which might explain why he’s so brazen with his tweets.

The guy can ball, if you check this video of him draining (some) jumpers during a Grizzlies sess. But the video could be heavily edited to get rid of any misses; although, Pera seems to have a solid mind-range jumper (more on this later), and can take the ball to the hole.

But Pera’s confidence tends to drift into hyperbole — the kind that would normally get him laughed out of the gym if he hadn’t become a billionaire at 34 after taking Ubiquiti Networks public — and it would be interesting to see someone call him on his comments.

Earlier this month, he challenged Grizzlies defensive guard Tony Allen to a game of 1-on-1 in Memphis before training camp. He even put $100,000 on the line (donated to Allen’s favorite charity) if Trick-or-Treat Tony won.

Then, last night, after hearing rumors he was going to play Mavs owner Mark Cuban 1-on-1, Pera made it seem like Cuban wasn’t even a challenge. To be fair, we have no idea how good Cuban is on the court, so Pera might make short work of him.

Then he sent the below tweet, and now we’re all jumping on it because MJ would beat Pera even worse than he beat O.J. Mayo.

But Pera, for all his impudent 140 characters-or-less pronouncements about taking on the GOAT, is driving up interest in the Grizzlies, in the NBA, and in basketball. So we have to commend him even if we think — after watching that YouTube footage from above — he’s got a hitch in his jumper.

Regardless of his game, MJ would embarrass him on a basketball court because it’s MJ.

What do you think?

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