Gus Johnson Is Ready

03.20.08 10 years ago

How does the game’s best play-by-play man prepare for one of the craziest day in hoops? It’s kind of crazy actually. He has Sharpies in more colors than Digger Phelps has highlighters, and an equally expansive spread of pens. And he then charts out details about each team’s players, coaches after collecting crazy personal stories about the squads.

“It’s blank when I start,” he said of the charts, “and then it’s a masterpiece, a basketball version of da Vinci.”

Gus is on the Michigan State/Temple game, which tips off locally at 10:30 AM Mountain time. After his slate of action, he’ll be up until 5 AM watching at least a half of each team that he’ll be covering in the upcoming days.

He’ll drink coffee to keep rolling throughout the day, even though he doesn’t need it. “I can’t sleep anyway,” he said. “It’s the NCAA tournament.”

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