Happy Birthday Michael Jordan! His 10 Greatest Sneakers Ever

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Air Jordan XI

No matter how much we try to compare players to him, there will never be another Michael Jordan. The way he transcended the game of basketball onto a global platform is unique to that of any individual athlete. Michael Jordan is the reason many of us love the game of basketball today. But aside from us basketball junkies, Jordan did the exact same for sneakerheads across the globe. With his legendary career & Tinker Hatfield‘s mastermind design skills, Michael Jordan changed the shoe game forever. Through a span of about 15 years Jordan Brand emerged as the pinnacle of sneaker excellence.

You might remember when I picked out my 10 favorite sneakers of all time. Now, in honor of MJ’s 49th birthday, here are the 10 best Air Jordans of all-time…

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10. Air Jordan XIV “Last Shot”
Although the Jordan 14’s aren’t exactly amongst the most popular of the 23 signature Jordan shoes, the “Last Shots” are still some of the most iconic & memorable Jordan shoes of all time. With a Ferrari-inspired design to celebrate Michael’s love for cars, the 14 had a very unique style. For most it was either a love or hate type of shoe. But regardless of the design you have to appreciate the fact that Jordan made his “last shot” in a Bulls uniform wearing these.
Air Jordan XIV "Last Shot"

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9. Air Jordan I (Black/Red)
The Black and Red Jordan 1’s are the genesis of the Jordan era. These are where it all started. Wearing these, Jordan exceeded expectations & took the league by storm as a rookie. This color is particularly special because they were banned by the NBA, which would ultimately just make the shoe even more classic.
Air Jordan I

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8. Air Jordan VII “Olympic”
The Olympic 7’s are definitely one of the best and most recognizable colorways ever on a Jordan shoe. What really makes this shoe special is what Michael and the “Dream Team” were able to accomplish in Barcelona during the 1992 Olympics. The Olympic 7 will always be one of Jordan’s most special shoes.
Air Jordan VII "Olympic"

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7. Air Jordan XI “Concord”
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year you know exactly how sought after these shoes are. The Concord 11 was undoubtedly one of the most popular Jordan shoes ever. The Jordan 11 design is widely regarded as the best amongst the 23 in the series, and this color, which was worn by Michael during home games in the ’96 season, has always been adored by Jordan fans. The hype leading up to the retro release this past December was through the roof. If you missed out on your pair on the day of release, your looking at a price tag of close to $500 for a pair of Concords now.
Air Jordan XI

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6. Air Jordan III Black/Cement
The Jordan 3 was extremely unique. The elephant print/leather design is simply one of a kind. After recovering from an injury in his second year, Jordan wore these in his third season. He would average an outstanding 37 points per game wearing the Jordan 3’s on top of winning the slam dunk title. The white/cement 3’s and the True Blue 3’s are also classics as well, but the Black/Cement 3 is the most popular Jordan 3 color.
Air Jordan III "Black/Cement"

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