Happy Birthday Rajon Rondo! The Top 10 NBA Plays Of His Career

02.22.12 6 years ago 7 Comments
Rajon Rondo

The question loses value over time. What’s the best birthday present you ever received? You can’t remember everything, and as years go on, from middle school to high school to the real world, that excitement you felt shredding the wrapping vanishes. It can’t last because if it did, it wouldn’t be saying much about you.

Maybe I can’t remember my favorite birthday present because I never made an NBA All-Star Game. Rajon Rondo has, and on this day, his 26th birthday, it was reported the NBA corrected a wrong: They made the Celtics’ floor general an All-Star. Rondo will be replacing the injured Joe Johnson on Sunday in Orlando, joining the Eastern stars for the third consecutive year.

Rondo has some recognizable faults – shooting, an attitude that can rub some the wrong way – but his highlights rival any guard in the game. For his birthday, I decided to toss y’all a list of his 10 greatest highlights. Make sure you remember this is strictly an NBA list, or else that unfathomable pass Rondo made to Kenneth Faried would’ve been No. 1…

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