Happy Birthday Shaquille O’Neal! The Diesel’s 5 Funniest Moments

03.06.13 4 years ago
Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

Shaquille O’Neal‘s been killing the comedy routine for a minute, whether it was dancing with the Jabbawockeez, swearing on live TV or even dressing up on Halloween and singing like Beyonce.

O’Neal will always have a special spot in the Dime family, mostly because he was a part of one of our favorite covers ever, “The Godfather Issue.” When he retired this summer, we re-ran the interview, “A Sit-Down With The Last Don,” and artwork in its entirety.

He’s done hilarious commercials, movies that were supposed to be funny but weren’t and then inevitability became funny just for that reason, and now he’s trying to make the most comical NBA show even better. Here are five of his funniest moments yet…

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5. Shaq One-Ups JaVale McGee
I feel bad for McGee. Everyone is out to get him. He can run the wrong way in a game, sprint down to the other end of the court like a frolicking camel while Shaq can do basically the same thing, and hardly anyone remembers it. Steve Nash with another great assist here. If it wasn’t for Nashty, O’Neal might’ve completed his trot back on defense and this video would be two or three spots higher.

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4. Shaq Plays Scrabble
The Diesel, with his incredible vocabulary and voracious appetite for new words that include the name “Shaq,” was always a Scrabble natural. Me? Not so much. I tend to stick with words like “name” and “run” and “food.” I’m sure Stuart Scott and Mike Breen were feeling pretty good being swindled on their own bus as O’Neal pulled out Q after Q, running up the score like this was a Harvard grad going against Billy Madison. It would take a genius to be able to decipher some of the words O’Neal was putting down. My favorites were these two: “Shaqalici” and “Shaqzilsa.”

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3. Shaq’s Kazaam Entrance
There are certain moments in life you’ll never forget. The first time you drove a car. Your first dunk. The day you graduated from school. Seeing Kazaam didn’t quite reach that level; I don’t remember where I was or why I watched it. But I know I saw it only once. I also don’t remember anything about the movie outside of that ridiculously annoying kid, and Shaq’s initial entrance.

It’s not every day you see a seven-foot genie that raps in a Jamaican accent and crushes Pepsi bottles on the regular.

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