High Stakes

03.10.08 10 years ago 6 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONP-Dub will take your $$ at 40,000 feet

If you’ve ever been around NBA players, you know they thrive on competition, and that there’s usually money involved on the outcome. Guys will put money on everything (other than basketball games … hopefully). Shooting contests are huge, but card games on team planes can be where real money can be won or lost. In yesterday’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Ira Winderman explored just how bad it can get.

Take this quote from Derek Anderson in the story:

“I’ve heard guys who have lost $30,000 on an hour plane trip,” Charlotte guard Derek Anderson, the former Heat reserve, says. “It’s amazing — $30,000 in an hour.

“You leave Chicago, you have $30,000. You arrive in Detroit, you don’t.”

The article goes on to say that gambling on the team plane worries some coaches so much, some have actually banned it in order to prevent any Tyrone Hill/Charles Oakley drama. Read the full story HERE.

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