H.O.F. Watch – Allen Iverson

10.22.07 10 years ago 34 Comments

Every day for the next few weeks we’re gonna take one active NBA star with at least arguable Hall of Fame credentials and break down his chances of getting into the Springfield, Mass., hoops mecca. We’re looking at not just past accomplishments, but also how a player’s career realistically projects for the future. For a full explanation of the process, click here. Today’s candidate: Allen Iverson.

ALLEN IVERSON (12th year, Nuggets/Sixers)
27.9 points, 6.2 assists, 2.3 steals per game

Why: First you look at the tangible: League MVP in ’01, Rookie of the Year in ’97, four times leading the NBA in scoring, three times leading the NBA in steals, eight All-Star nods, three All-NBA first team nods, six times carrying overachieving Philly teams to the playoffs (including an NBA Finals trip in ’01) while equaling or upping his numbers across the board in the postseason. Then you consider the intangible: arguably the greatest “little man” in the game’s history next to the likes of Isiah Thomas and Tiny Archibald, a cultural icon who has come to define much of the post-Jordan NBA, and as Dime called him in Issue #6, “The Definition of Now.”

Why not: The braids, the tats, the run-ins with the law, the infamous “practice” rant … call it politics, but some of the more purist H.O.F. voters may not be big fans of Iverson the person, even if they have to respect Iverson the player.

Our call: IN

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