Hornets get owned by Spurs before getting owned by Stern

12.06.10 7 years ago 23 Comments

Tony Parker

The Spurs have worn a lot of labels over the years, but we can’t recall a time — even during the Stephen Jackson era — when “explosive” was one of them. Going into last night’s game against New Orleans with the 4th-highest scoring offense in the League, the Spurs went HAM on the Hornets in a 25-point rout that was as good a show of offensive execution as you’ll see this NBA season. Tony Parker (19 pts, 6 asts) was able to turn the corner on Chris Paul and set up floaters for himself and open looks for shooters like Richard Jefferson and Matt Bonner, as six Spurs hit for double-figures, and surprisingly Manu Ginobili wasn’t one of them. Midway through the second quarter, San Antonio was making 75 percent of their field goals while putting N.O. to bed before halftime … Earlier in the day, news broke that the Hornets are in the process of being sold to the NBA. So if you thought CP3 was getting superstar calls before, guys aren’t gonna be able to breathe on him now. And now we know why the team finally got rid of Peja Stojakovic‘s contract; the League itself didn’t even want to deal with it. But seriously, isn’t the NBA supposed to be hemorrhaging money already? Though maybe purchasing the Hornets is within their budget, since the entire operating cost is still less than what Rashard Lewis makes … Rudy Gay blitzed Carmelo Anthony all night and forced ‘Melo into his worst offensive performance of the year (13 pts, 4-20 FG), but Rudy couldn’t bring the pass rush on the most important play of Nuggets/Grizzlies. After Rudy (24 pts, 5 blks) hit a jumper to bring Memphis within four in the final minute, ‘Melo bricked on his end, and Mike Conley sprinted down for a layup with six seconds left. But as the Grizzlies were setting up to guard the inbound play, Nene (27 pts, 11 rebs, 6 asts) got behind the defense on a Go route and Carmelo hit him in stride for a dunk … After Chauncey Billups iced the W at the line, the final buzzer saw ‘Melo make a beeline for the locker room without acknowledging anybody on his team or the Grizzlies. Nobody will care because it wasn’t at the end of a playoff series, but it was weird to see ‘Melo act like that …

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