How Baron Davis could have kept LeBron James in Cleveland

10.25.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

Baron Davis, Dime #29

So now that we’re officially on the verge of Boston vs. Miami and another L.A. ring ceremony, let’s all give thanks to another wonderful preseason. Where else can you witness things like Shelden Williams going off for 27-point stat lines, Martell Webster looking like Kobe Bryant against Kobe Bryant, or games being canceled because somebody forgot the different between wax and oil? …One man who won’t be involved in the regular season is Allen Iverson. On the eve of what would have been his 15th year in the League, A.I. agreed to a two-year, $4 million deal with Besiktas of the Turkish league. So yes, we’ve officially hit a point where Marcus Banks is more coveted than Iverson … So one minute we’re talking about getting NBA teams in Europe, and the next David Stern is thinking contraction. Which one is it? If you’re a fan of the Bobcats, Hornets or Grizzlies, this season will be like counting the days to Y2K … While the Knicks are getting some early playoff talk, one team in the East teetering on the brink of falling back to the Lottery basement is Charlotte. It’s kind of funny how Michael Jordan used to openly criticize and poke fun at Jerry Krause in Chicago, but he’s finding out how tough it is to construct a good NBA team. If you haven’t noticed, MJ’s starting PG is D.J. Augustin and his center is Nazr Mohammad … Interesting note from an L.A. Times story about LeBron: In their effort to keep LeBron in Cleveland this summer, the Cavs allegedly offered Mo Williams and Jamario Moon to the Clippers in a pitch for Baron Davis. Does anyone think that would have made any difference at all? And what if they made that trade and LeBron left anyway? Baron would be MISERABLE in Cleveland … After we pointed out Tim Duncan‘s legitimate case as the G.O.A.T., the Spurs’ own version of the Big Three (Duncan, Manu and Tony Parker) had an incredible sit-down interview with the San Antonio Express-News. On the verge of perhaps their final season together, Duncan recalled his doubts early on about “The French boy” and “The Crazy boy,” Ginobili spoke on everybody having to sleep on the team plane before playing the Lakers in the WCF, and Parker talked about kicking Duncan’s ass at paintball … The Denver Broncos played yesterday like they thought they were losing Carmelo too … And did you see the play in the Chargers/Pats game where San Diego’s rookie receiver made a diving catch, and forgetting he hadn’t been touched, got up and left the ball on the ground for the Pats to recover? What would be the NBA equivalent to that play? Maybe Avery Bradley ripping D-Wade in the open court, then forgetting to dribble and costing Boston a breakaway bucket … We’re out like this nonsense called the preseason …

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