How Could Brandon Roy Improve His Game?

07.28.08 9 years ago 24 Comments
Brandon RoyRoy could improve off the ball

What’s the biggest knock on Brandon Roy‘s game? He shot nearly 55% from the field last season, shared the rock real well (5.8 apg). But Roy is the first person to admit that he could be better playing off the ball.

I felt there were times last year … not that I hurt the team, but I could have been better if I was better off the ball,” Roy said. “If I was better coming off screens, better at running downcourt … instead I was looking to get the ball instead of running to the wing.”

So this summer, Roy’s incorporated a tough catch-and-shoot component to his workouts. He asks one of his boys to D up on him as if they were Raja Bell or Bruce Bowen, draped all over him as he tries to come around a screen. Once the ball hits his hands on a pass, he shoots it as quickly as possible.

He said he also works on sprinting from halfcourt to a spot on the floor, where he must catch a pass and shoot immediately.

“Not only does that help my shooting, but helps my conditioning,” Roy said. “There are times in a game when I would sprint down court and catch it and hold it because I was tired, when I need to go up and shoot it.”

Honing his two-guard skills will help Roy to smoothly transition between the point, shooting guard and small forward slots depending on who else Nate McMillan has out on the floor. And right now, Roy is excited to get on the court with Jerryd Bayless. It’s safe to say he’s a big fan of Bayless’ game.

“The reason why I see me playing with Jerryd is because he can guard points,” Roy said. “He may not be a one, but he can guard a one, so then it fits into exactly what we want to do. A lot of times with Jarrett and Blake, they would get frustrated because they were playing a two on offense. Whereas (Jerryd) is comfortable playing two on offense and he’s comfortable playing one on defense. That’s why I tell people who say he is not a point: ‘If he was a point, it would take away from what I do, so it’s almost fine that he’s not a point.”

Source: Oregon Live

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