How to Get Your Girl to Love the NBA

11.24.08 9 years ago
New Orleans HornetsSarah showing her support for her Hornets

By now you’re familiar with our “Pass the Mic” series – a feature where he give the pen and pad to some of our best readers to let them drop knowledge on the NBA. We’ve had previous posts on everything from game-saving rule changes to essays on how money is ruining the world’s greatest game to imagining what life would be like without Mike.

Today we’re turning the space over to Sarah Tolcser, the founder of HornetsHype, to talk a little about her existence as one of the game’s best female bloggers in a decidedly male world. Fellas, check out her post (it’s good stuff), let her know what you think and keep it respectful in the comments section….

by Sarah Tolcser

This is a tale that should give hope to guys everywhere. It happened to me. It will happen again. It could even happen to you.

It starts with tickets.

My boyfriend bought us season tickets to the New Orleans Hornets. I wasn’t enthusiastic. You had to go two to three nights a week. The beers were pricey. Basketball was that sport with the guy who strangled his coach, the sport where it took twenty minutes to play the last ten seconds of a game. It was a drag.

Still, our guy Chris Paul was apparently good. The alley-oops were cool. And I appreciated the team’s shoulders.

(Tip #1: Hot men are like the NBA’s gateway drug. One day you’re drooling over dudes in tank tops with muscles. The next day you’re buying domain names and ranting about how the MVP is not a lifetime achievement award. Dudes, don’t get mad when she looks at the hot men. You look at the dance team.)

Sometime in early December, I voiced my first opinion. “I don’t think I want a Peja jersey,” I said. “It would be cute if we matched, but I kind of want a Tyson Chandler one.”

(Tip #2: Buy her real gear. Not the pink stuff.)

And then it was Christmas, and I was stuck at my parents’ house in New York with no cable. But it felt too weird missing a game. I furtively listened on my laptop as Chris Paul dropped 40 on the Grizzlies.

(Tip #3: Total immersion. Give her basketball. Then take it away. Tip #3A: Have Chris Paul on your team.)

One day in January, I had this conversation with my boyfriend:

Me: So I started a blog about the Hornets today.

Boyfriend: Seriously?

Me: Well, the domain only cost ten bucks, and I was mad. How come no one’s watching this team?

Boyfriend: You just bought a Hornets website.

Me: Yup.

I called myself “Ticktock6,” not because I was afraid people wouldn’t read if I was female, but because I didn’t feel like dealing with the garbage that comes with it (“So… are you hot?”). But then I ended up outing myself when I posted a pic around the All-Star Break.

Do I write “like a girl”? I don’t know. Certain things appeal to me more than the average fan: Behind the scenes stories. Team chemistry. Humor. I notice things that happen on the bench because I tend to watch people more than stats.

I think lines are changing and blurring. Girls are growing up playing sports, instead of watching their brothers and dads toss around a ball in the yard. People are more open-minded in this world where we’re all connected wirelessly. We have a Black president. I blog the Hornets. These things will keep happening. But it’s not a revolution, it’s evolution.

We’re coming for your sports teams. We’re coming for your video games. But don’t worry, y’all can keep the strip club.

And I’ll keep my crush on Paul Pierce.

I know. Don’t judge me.

Keep up with all of Sarah’s work HERE.

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