Ignoring the 800-pound big-market franchise in the room

11.25.08 9 years ago

The media crush surrounding LeBron James‘ first trip to New York City this season already began in the early-morning hours around Manhattan, and will only get more crazy as the today turns into this evening, which turns into the Cavs/Knicks game that tips off at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Yes, there is still a game to be played, and as sorry as the Knicks look on paper right now after trading away their two best players and banishing their third-best talent into exile, LeBron and the rest of the Cavs have to do their best to ignore distractions if they want to avoid being an upset victim.

The pre-game media session will be 95% questions about LeBron’s 2010 free agency, and those questions won’t just be reserved for ‘Bron. Everybody in the Cavs’ locker room, from Mike Brown to J.J. Hickson, will have to face at least a few. That was the subject in today’s Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

“Obviously, he is the star,” Zydrunas Ilgauskas said. “So when he comes into Madison Square Garden, the spotlight is going to be on him.”

With reporters crawling over the Cavs and each other to get to James, does it ever become a distraction?

“No, not to us and obviously not to him,” Ilgauskas said. “It’s not as bad as in China last year. They think he’s a god over there. [LeBron] is handling it well so far. He always plays his best, especially in the Garden. So we’ve just got to make sure we do our own stuff.”

Source: Cleveland Plain-Dealer

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