Is Gilbert Calling It Quits On 2008-09?

11.21.08 9 years ago
Gilbert ArenasGilbert

What will determine when Gilbert Arenas returns to the court? This shouldn’t be a hard question. Once his $111 million knee is back near 100%, Gilbert should be on the floor of the Verizon Center.

But there’s a chance that the status of his knee won’t be the biggest factor in Gil’s decision to play this season. If Arenas doesn’t like the Wizards’ record when he feels ready to come back, he just might bag the entire season.

“Me and Brendan, we talk about it,” Arenas said. “If I come back in January — that’s about 20, 25 games we counted — when do we say it’s okay? If we’re 15 games out, how hard is it to come back from that? It might depend on who is in the eighth spot at the time and what our record is.”

I’m usually a big Gilbert fan, but this is ridiculous. He mentioned something else about using this year to get someone high in the Draft, similar to what happened to San Antonio when David Robinson got hurt and they picked Tim Duncan.

But there are two major problems there: first, Robinson is in a League above Arenas. And second, Robinson tried to come back from a back problem before fracturing his left foot. He didn’t just throw away 40 games.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Washington Post

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