Is the East Officially Back?

01.27.09 9 years ago 46 Comments
Kevin GarnettKG

Thinking back on it, it’s been a long time since ESPN ran that commercial in which Stephen A. yells at Carmelo about how the East isn’t all that far behind the West anymore.

But even in that ad, the conversation was still about the East catching up.

After the C’s took the ‘chip last year, and we’ve had the Celtics, the Cavs, and the Magic all leading the League with the best record at one point or another this season, might the East be the premier conference?

Doc Rivers thinks so.

“Yes, the East is back,” Rivers said. “I said last year that I thought the three or four best teams were in the East. Cleveland, Detroit, and Orlando [along] with us, that’s the top four teams last year. No one wanted to hear that because the bottom of the East struggled a little bit. This year, the bottom of the East, you can get beat by any of those teams.”

Do you think the East is officially back?

Source: Real GM

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