Jabari Parker Actually Hit His Head On The Rim During The Bucks’ Exhibition Win

10.09.16 12 months ago

Jabari Parker isn’t known as one of the league’s best leapers. During the 2014 pre-draft process, in fact, questions surrounding his athleticism were the biggest factor that kept him from serious consideration for the No. 1 pick. Well, what a difference two years and reconstructive ACL surgery makes.

During his team’s 88-74 exhibition win over the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday night, the Milwaukees Bucks’ burgeoning star exploded with such force on the two-handed dunk shown above that he hit his head on the rim – literally. Here’s a better look at Parker nicking his forehead on the iron.

Jabari Parker

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To be fair, the Duke product definitely pulled the rim down a few inches after slamming the ball through the basket. Then again, it’s pretty clear Parker reached the apex of his jump after completing the dunk, too, and his other high-flying exploits throughout the contest support the surprising reality of his leaping prowess.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is definitely Milwaukee’s most athletic player. It’s still hard to believe that near seven-footers who run, cut, and jump like the Greek Freak exist. But Parker is a physical specimen in his own right, and is bound to further establish himself as one of the league’s best in-game dunkers much sooner rather than later.

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