Jahlil Okafor Appears To Knock A Guy Out In This Disturbing New Street Fight Video

12.02.15 2 years ago 37 Comments

The news surrounding Jahlil Okafor continues to get worse. Last week, TMZ Sports released a video that allegedly showed Okafor getting into a fight with someone outside a club in Boston. Now, TMZ has released a second video that shows Okafor getting into a second fight that night. The sad part – well, there are many sad parts, but we’re going to highlight one in particular – is that this was so close to not happening. Okafor is inches away from getting into the car and getting as far away from the situation as possible. Unfortunately, he doesn’t, and mayhem ensues.

A few things to keep in mind as these reports continue to surface. First, it’s not as if Okafor is getting into fights every night of the week. This is the second fight on the same night as the first. That doesn’t necessarily make it any better, but it should still be considered an isolated incident, not a pattern of behavior. Second, as we’ve said before, he’s 19. This isn’t an excuse for his behavior, merely a plea for some understanding. Everyone does incredibly, outrageously stupid things at that age – some harmful to themselves, some harmful to others. The Sixers are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again by assigning a bodyguard to Okafor, according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

After being involved recently in a few embarrassing and potentially dangerous off-the-court incidents, Philadelphia 76ers star rookie Jahlil Okafor will now be accompanied by a security guard whenever he goes out, according to league sources.


“A lot of teams do that for their players anyway,” a source close to Okafor said. “So from now on, the Sixers are going to have someone at his disposal full time.”

Again, there’s no excusing Okafor’s behavior.

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