Jason of Beverly Hills Designs The Lakers’ Championship Rings

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Los Angeles Lakers

You might remember Jason Arasheben of Jason of Beverly Hills from Dime #52 when we featured a selection of some of the jewelry he’s done for the NBA’s elite. But no matter how many chains he could make for LeBron, nothing is going to compare to making an NBA championship ring.

“We knew we were the new breed and we knew that the Lakers took a huge chance with us when we haven’t had a track record in this type of championship ring business,” Arasheben said. ”So we knew we had to exceed expectations and that’s exactly what we did. We are bringing a little more flair and a little more of LA’s lifestyle to this piece which has never been seen before.

“What is really unique about this particular ring is that it’s not just a regular ring, it actually has tons of hidden meanings within the ring that give the ring a story. A story unlike any other ring has ever had.”

Some key facts on the the Lakers’ championship ice:

Laker gold: Most rings are 14-karat gold but Jason created a special batch of 15-karat Laker gold to commemorate their 15th NBA championship.

Bling that’ll blind: The ring is comprised of 15 diamonds weighing in at 2.85 carats.

Home court advantage: The Lakers’ rings mirror the shape of the exterior of the Staples Center. When viewed from the side, you can see the “roof” and “sides” of the Lakers’ home court.

Personalization: In the past every player has had their name and number on the side of their ring – the Lakers laser engraved the image of each player’s face.

Lock-down defense: Each ring boasts a hand-selected, diamond-engraved “L”. The “L” is placed in a different position on each player’s ring and is only viewable with a high-powered microscope. This helps authenticate each players piece. For further security and authentification, every ring has a serial number which is stored in a database that only the Lakers themselves and the jeweler can access.

Hollywood packaging: Each ring was presented in an oversized box roughly the size of a watch box. When opened, each box has two built-in LED spotlights that shine on the ring that is mounted on a rotating mechanical platform.

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Los Angeles Lakers

Source: NBA.com

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