We Reminisce: Jay Williams

11.25.08 9 years ago

Last night before I tuned in to watch my beloved Syracuse Orange play Florida I watched some highlights from the earlier college games and I noticed Jay (Jason) Williams was in the ESPN studio as an anchor. It got me thinking about when he was running things down at Duke.

Williams was an absolute beast at Duke. Along with Chris Duhon, Shane Battier, Carlos Boozer, and Mike Dunleavy, Jay Will ran through the ACC and the rest of the country. The Blue Devils won the 2001 NCAA Championship There wasn’t a better guard in the country than Williams. Hailing from New Jersey, Jay had hops, a ratchet, and you weren’t going to strip the ball from him, ol’ boy had that rock on a string.

Williams was the second pick in the 2002 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. After a rookie season that had Chicago fans optimistic about the future, Williams’ career was cut short due to a motorcycle accident that almost took his life.

Williams tried to make a comeback in 2006, and while he impressed many with his recovery, his body had trouble adapting back to the NBA. But don’t think for a second that he is a scrub. We have some mutual friends and I have played with Jay on a few occasions, and don’t think he wouldn’t give you buffet style buckets. The dude still has mad game.

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