Jeremy Lin Shows Off A New Trick; Two Overlooked Stars Go Crazy

02.16.12 5 years ago 69 Comments
Jeremy Lin

We knew he could drop buckets and strut around like a much smaller Rick Ross, but last night was the first time those Steve Nash comparisons actually started to make sense. Lob. Wrap-around. Another lob. 13 dimes later and the Knicks had their seventh-straight win, 100-85 over the Kings. We asked yesterday if Jeremy Lin‘s hype was partially racial. Last night wasn’t so much racial as it was Nash-ial. Lin has that offense flowing on all cylinders. When was the last time you saw a Knick box score with seven different guys in double figures? … Mike Tyson was in the house, hanging out with what looked like a high school chick, as well as swearing on live TV … We love Isaiah Thomas, but how funny was it hearing the Knick crowd boo him strictly because of his name? … In a game that felt like it featured the most dunks ever, the Clippers eventually put the Wizards to bed, 102-84. As ESPN’s Chris Palmer tweeted: “If you’re playing in this Clippers/Wizards game it’s pretty much assumed you’re getting dunked on.” DeAndre Jordan was catching lobs. Blake was throwing down lefty jams. JaVale McGee (18 points) caught an air ball, got freaky with it, and reversed the tip-in. Blake Griffin (23 points, 15 rebounds) was going so wild, he even dunked on DeAndre Jordan … We were getting dumber by the minute watching Nick Young (5-for-18) play basketball. Even when the shots went in – and a few of these fallaway, 23-footers did – there were three or four of them where we could literally feel the brain cells shriveling up … In the first quarter, Kenyon Martin easily skied to block a John Wall floater. As unbelievable as it is that he can still do that stuff, pre-knee surgeries K-Mart would’ve killed someone in the fifth row with that thing … Marco Belinelli made a career-high six 3-pointers and scored a season-high 22 points in New Orleans’ three-point win over the Bucks … Kevin Love had 30 and 18 in Minnesota’s 102-90 W over the league’s only high school team, Charlotte … In the second quarter, the home team was kinda sleep-walking until Derrick Williams cut through the middle of the lane, took a pass and unleashed a lefty throwdown on D.J. White where D-Will2 barely touched the rim. One of the Wolves announcers screamed, “He just Mozgov’d somebody!” … Is it OK if we officially bestow Bismack (pronounced “Bizz-Mock”) Biyombo with the nickname “Bismack-E”? … After spending the last few weeks in an out-of-body experience, Kevin Martin got his grove back, going for 32 points in Houston’s 96-95 win over OKC as the Rockets survived three different Kevin Durant (33 points) shots in the final moments … And Gerald Wallace had 24 points while Jamal Crawford scored five late points that were the key in Portland’s two-point win over the Warriors … Keep reading to hear what a couple of shoulda-been All-Stars did for payback …

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Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo (photo. Gary Land)

Rajon Rondo really isn’t that good. If Rajon Rondo was on a team where he had to score, he’d be nothing. If Rajon Rondo didn’t have three Hall of Famers next to him, he’d be average. Okay. We’ve heard it all. The Celtics suffered an ugly loss against Detroit, but Rondo balled out. 35 points, four steals. One patented fake behind-the-back. Stuckey, Monroe and Ben Gordon combined for 69 points whereas Rondo’s second-best teammate was… Chris Wilcox. The Celtics scored five points in four minutes without Rondo on the floor to start the second quarter. They scored 28 in the first 12 with him. If we’re Boston, start that rebuilding project now … Since when did Orlando morph back into a good team again? They’ve won three in a row and put the clamps on Philly last night, 103-87. They were helped, inexplicably, by the Sixers insistence on leaving Ryan Anderson open (27 points, seven threes). What’s the deal with this? Guard the man, especially in the weeks that we have to play him in fantasy. Why hasn’t anyone figured this out yet? As a team, the Magic made 15 of 25 from deep … Most overlooked player in the entire league? Tony Parker. TP was killing it again last night, taking advantage of Jose Calderon‘s Linsanity hangover by hanging 34 and 14 on Spain. San Antonio won again in Toronto. Did you know the Spurs have won nine in a row? We didn’t … If the former Mr. Longoria is the most slept-on star then Josh Smith is the most hated on. Not only did Joe Johnson make the All-Star Game over him, but Johnson also somehow got put into the three-point shootout. Smith DOMINATED Phoenix (30 points, 17 rebounds, seven assists) in the Hawks two-point win. Even with a 15-point second half lead, and another A-game from Steve Nash (22 points, 16 assists), Phoenix couldn’t save themselves … Remember that time when Eastern coaches picked Luol Deng for the All-Star Game over Rondo and Josh Smith? Wait … Rudy Gay (25 points) and Mike Conley combined for a sick off-the-backboard, reverse alley-oop in Memphis’ five-point win in Jersey. Amazingly, it was Tony Allen (21 points) and Marreese Speights (20 points, 18 rebounds) who won it for them. Allen hit a three-pointer to put the Grizz up for good, and Speights did an incredible Z-Bo impersonation … Kyrie Irving scooped up 22 points and Cleveland got an 11-point win over Indiana … Cavs announcer Austin Carr on Tyler Hansbrough: “He’s got that stare. He looks like he’s about to explode.” Too bad he couldn’t explode for a bucket or two … And Denver got destroyed in Dallas by 18. That was being nice. It wasn’t nearly that close … We’re out like Swaggy P’s trigger finger.

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