Jeremy Lin Torches Philly; JaVale McGee Is The New King In Denver

03.22.12 5 years ago
Jeremy Lin

While the Sixers were once again teaching everyone in the arena the basics of How To Run God Awful Offense At The End Of A Game 101, Jeremy Lin (18 points) was balling. The dude started the game shooting 1-for-9 and yet still had that bounce in his step. He got to the rim. He found his bigs. And most importantly, he made his free throws to close out the Sixers, 82-79. Amar’e Stoudemire chipped in 21 and nine, and his legs appear all the way back. He was dunking, spinning in the lane and had one fourth quarter block on Elton Brand at the rim that had Twitter all fired up. It was also very likely his first block of the season. In all seriousness, the Knicks had a possession about four minutes into the fourth where Lin caught a pass, then whipped a pass through the defense into ‘Melo (who somehow didn’t make a shot for the first 19 minutes of the second half) who then touched it over to Amar’e for a dunk. It was probably New York’s best passing sequence of the year. If that had happened in New York, the fans would’ve rushed the court over seeing their team actually make four passes in a row without taking a shot … New York gets credit for the win, but damn Philly is like a drunk Courtney Love in a close game. On the game’s two biggest possesssions, Andre Iguodala shot an air ball and then Lou Williams, the guy everyone loves outside of actual Sixer fans, pulled up from the bars outside the arena and barely grazed iron. Then after Jodie Meeks actually made a shot to make it a one-possession game, the Sixers forget what the score was and didn’t foul, just let the clock run out. Doug Collins probably popped a blood vessel in the postgame locker room. If this was high school and the Sixers pulled that crap, it’d be suicides until people were throwing up in the next practice … Remember when the Clippers were actually good? For that two month stretch? They were flayed alive in OKC yesterday, 114-91 as Kevin Durant scored 32. James Harden had a steal and dunk where he smashed on Eric Bledsoe. The announcers were screaming at Bledsoe “Don’t do it Bledsoe! Don’t dooo i…” and then he got yammed on … It’s not only J.J. Barea that needs to be careful nowadays. If Minnesota keeps losing like they did last night – 116-100 in San Antonio – Kevin Love (17 points, 12 rebounds) might go WWE Raw on the whole team. He lost his battle with Tim Duncan (21 points, 15 rebounds) and couldn’t get any help otherwise … Bruce Bowen had his number retired last night – all 6.1 of his career points-per-game average – and luckily Peter Holt did not come out and try to fire up the crowd. Golden State’s Joe Lacob is still crying about the other night … Behind Kobe (30 points) and Gasol (27 points), the Lakers blew out Dallas on their own court, 109-93. Lamar Odom, too distracted by Ramon Sessions (17 points, nine assists) blowing up in his old jersey number, played free and easy (0-for-3, one point) … Keep reading to hear about the surprising thing JaVale McGee did …

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Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson (photo. Zach Wolfe)

The TV announcers: “I have no idea how this happened…” Neither do we. Arron Afflalo (23 points) converted on a three-point play to cut Detroit’s lead to one in the final 10 seconds. Then, he missed the free throw. Luckily, Clown U graduate JaVale McGee was there to tip in the miss and win the game for Denver, 116-115. McGee had 15 points and three blocks off the bench, and came through in a way he never did in Washington … On the other side, Ben Gordon was flowing. At one point in the third quarter, he had 37 points on 14 shots. He still finished with 45 (and tied Latrell Sprewell‘s record by making his first nine triples without a miss) despite the Nuggets starting to trap him all the way out to midcourt in the second half … Zaza Pachulia loves missing game-deciding layups. After trailing by six late in overtime against the Cavs, Atlanta scored six in a row on a Joe Johnson three and then a Josh Smith (32 points, 17 rebounds and five assists) three-point play. With the chance to take the lead, Zaza got wide open under the rim, and missed another gimme, something he’s been doing a lot of lately. Luckily, he has Joe Johnson (22 points). Johnson, who hit a three at the buzzer of regulation to send it to overtime (Good idea Cleveland. Go up three and leave JJ open from deep), made another pull-up to save Zaza’s ass. The Cavs had one last try but Kyrie Irving FINALLY missed a game-winner, and Alonzo Gee couldn’t put down the point blank tip-in. Atlanta survived 103-102, but Irving (29 points, nine rebounds, nine assists) was a beast again. You know he’s already built up a rep when we’re shocked when his final shot doesn’t drop … Nene went for 22 points and 10 rebounds as the Wizards looked like a completely different team in their 108-89 win against the Nets. We mentioned Deron Williams (17 points) played like he had ‘roid rage the other night. Well he took it up another notch last night, getting thrown out for arguing in the second half. He says the last part of this season won’t affect his decision this summer. But the Nets better hope this recent string of psycho behavior is just because it’s that time of month again … Toronto: How can you have camo uniforms and not have Brad Miller on your team? That’s sacrilegious. Despite 23 from DeMar DeRozan, the Bulls beat the Raptors by 12, but the real story were those uniforms. They wanted to honor the military by rocking them. We say good intentions, but never wear those things again. Unless you’re Brad Miller … Orlando got 57 combined points from Ryan Anderson and Dwight Howard and rolled over the Suns 103-93 … And in Golden State’s nine-point win in New Orleans, Klay Thompson did his best Monta Ellis impersonation with 27 points, five boards and five dimes … If you want to stump your boys today, ask them about triple-doubles last night because we guarantee no one knows Jarrett Jack actually had one (17 points, 10 rebounds and 11 helpers) … We’re out like Sean Payton.

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