Joe Johnson Is Coming To Brooklyn; Chauncey Billups Interested In The Heat

07.03.12 6 years ago
Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson (photo. Zach Wolfe)

For months, Dwight Howard has helped spearhead the greatest PR debacle since Anthony Weiner‘s cell phone photos, and yet still had the gall to believe everything was going to be alright. He’s Dwight Howard. He gets what he wants. So over the weekend when he told Orlando they could stuff if, and that he, the man who’s won SO many championships (not) would only play for one team, Brooklyn, he probably figured he could get away with murder. Carmelo did it. LeBron sort of did it. Either the Magic could trade him for $.25 on the dollar or watch the big man float through the season doing his best VC-in-Toronto-in-2004 impersonation before bolting for Jay-Z next year. Turns out, it was actually the Nets who had enough of Howard’s back-and-forth games. Yesterday, they pulled the trigger on a mega deal that will see them send Jordan Farmar, Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro, Jordan Williams and a 2013 protected first-round draft pick originally owned by the Houston Rockets to ATL for $90 million worth of Joe Johnson. With this deal, the Nets pretty much told Howard they were sick of waiting on him. He basically has no chance of getting there now either by trade or in an outright signing. If Deron Williams comes back – and we’re not sure whether this deal helps or hurts – New Jersey is suddenly a dangerous playoff team, albeit one that’ll probably provide a few highlights in the first round outside of Mikhail Prokhorov doing something memorably stupid before falling to a team that actually knows what they’re doing. But for the Hawks, as John Hollinger points out, this makes them immediately much worse and yet could be the stroke of a genius. Next summer, the team could bring Howard into the fray with his best friend, Josh Smith, and they could also add Chris Paul, who wanted to play there coming out of Wake Forest. It’s a pipe dream, but for the ATL, it’s the best Dream they’ve had since Love Vs. Money … This wasn’t the only cap-clearing move the Hawks made yesterday. They shipped out Marvin Williams and the massive growth of failed expectations forming up on his back to Utah for Devin Harris and his expiring contract. That equates to $105 million in long term contracts that the team dealt yesterday. Danny Ferry, ATL’s new GM, just did more work in one day than half the league will do all summer … You know who’s really happy right now? LeBron. Not only does he finally have a ring, but Dwight Howard is turning that whole Decision thing into a forgotten dance … Keep reading to hear about another veteran who wants to go after rings in South Beach …

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