John Lucas III Steals Ball During Blowout, Squares Off With Francisco Garcia

03.18.14 4 years ago

John Lucas III, Francisco Garcia

There are a few unwritten rules of etiquette concerning blowouts in the NBA, and the Rockets 124-86 drubbing of the Jazz last night in Houston certainly qualifies as a blowout. But that didn’t stop John Lucas III from picking the pocket of Isaiah Canaan in the closing seconds. Following Lucas’ steal and a pass after the angered Rockets converged on him, Francisco Garcia shoved him. Lucas took offense to the shove and hilarity ensued.

Please take note of the pugilistic stylings of Garcia and Lucas and remember that the NBA is gonna be purloining the pocketbooks of one, or both, players some time today.

The best part of this little encounter is the reaction of the NBA blogosphere. We’re not gonna call anyone out, but writers make the worst fighters. We should know: we’ve been in a fair share of scraps in our more halcyon days of youth, and we lost all of them except one (it was on an Atlantic City gaming floor, and we had a markedly unfair advantage).

And yet, the reaction seems to be equal parts pity and mockery for both men, when we know at least some writers probably participated in the same kind of non-fight fight while they were young (and probably a member of some Greek club unaffiliated with Giannis Antetokounmpo). Sure, Garcia and Lucas are around our age — old enough to know better, that is — but the NBA can sometimes stunt emotional development, and baring that the heat of the moment can get the better of all of us. Thankfully, Garcia and Lucas did their little pirouette and then walked away unscathed. It’s better than the owl eyes we’ve gotten a couple times.

(video via RocketsRed)

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