John Wall’s triple-double puts Rockets’ season on the brink

11.11.10 7 years ago 36 Comments

So he may not be Oscar Robertson, but he’s close enough for now. It took the Big O one game to record a his first NBA triple-double. John Wall needed six. But when your first one is 19 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists, while adding 6 steals, we guess we’ll let it slide … Wall’s mid-range jump shot has already become a legit weapon. He made five from that range last night, and added a three-pointer as the Wizards beat Houston at home. If Raleigh’s Finest continues to shoot like that, it’ll mean an end for Blake Griffin‘s ROY aspirations … That’s not even mentioning perhaps Wall’s greatest strength: his transition game. We counted at least three times in the second half when Wall either created a steal or grabbed a rebound, flew up the court pressing hard on the turbo button, then slowed down at the very last moment to find guys like Andray Blatche (20 pts) for layups. That’s awareness, and maybe the toughest kind of awareness to get … Yao Ming left the game after a little over six minutes with a strained tendon in his leg. Without him in the middle, Luis Scola put up 24 points, while Kevin Martin continued to pay off the refs (31 pts, 13-15 FT) … One night after coming from behind to miraculously beat Miami, the Jazz did it again, this time to the Heat’s neighbors in Orlando. While Paul Millsap wasn’t pulling moonshots out of his ass this time, Deron Williams was again on that Black Ops mode, shooting and knifing anyone and everyone in his path while leading the Jazz back from an 18-point third quarter deficit. D-Will finished with his typically ill line of 30 points, 5 rebounds and 14 assists. So now is it Williams turn to hold the mantle as “Best PG in the Game” for the next few days? … Speaking of Call of Duty, was there any better sniper than Mike Beasley last night? Minnesota outlasted Sacramento behind 42 points from Snooki. (Have you seen his hair?) That’s probably the only time you’ll hear anyone use a Call of Duty and “Jersey Shore” reference in the same sentence … Beasley finally put to rest any lingering questions about his power forward merits: he has none. What he does have is one of the game’s smoothest mid-range jumpers coming off down screens and curls, and just a natural knack for hitting those tough in-between shots … David Lee returned to Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks fans treated him like a returning war hero. Lee poured in 28 points to go with 10 rebounds in the G-State win, while NY is still waiting for one of the guys they got in the sign-and-trade to do something. Any day now, Anthony Randolph … Atlanta provided a lot of ammunition for their doubters in last night’s dismal 17-point home loss to Milwaukee. The game really wasn’t even that close. Zaza Pachulia led the Hawks with 16 points. That’s all you need to know … Charlotte got big nights from Stephen Jackson (20 pts) and Gerald Wallace (19 pts, 14 rebs, 4 blks) to sneak out of Toronto with a win in the Battle of the Basement. Down three with under 10 seconds to go, the Raptors couldn’t even get a shot off. Andrea Bargnani was stripped by Jackson on the way up … Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook each dropped 31, and yet Oklahoma City still struggled to beat the Sixers … In a game that drew about 14 viewers outside of Jersey and Ohio, the Nets beat the Cavs behind Devin Harris‘ 31 points and Kris Humphries‘ 18 rebounds. The Cavs, who would’ve had the same record as some team in Miami had they won, got 14 and 9 from Antawn Jamison, proving he’s not locking himself in his room until Cleveland agrees to trade him. … Jason Terry continued his hot streak with 25 points in Dallas’ blowout win in Memphis, a game that was lopsided from start to finish. Dirk Nowitzki left in the second quarter with a right ankle sprain, but he wasn’t even needed … And in San Antonio, the Spurs held Blake Griffin to an awful night shooting (5-18 FG) and had Manu Ginobili and Richard Jefferson each go off for 22 points in their win over the Clippers … We’re out like B-Easy’s hair needs to be …

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