Jordan takes a second shot at NBA Draft glory

08.24.10 7 years ago 34 Comments

Given the “appeal” of Charlotte to NBA free agents, the lack of cap space the team had this offseason, and the fact that the Bobcats are actually coming off a decent year (losing their playoff virginity) and didn’t need to make any major trades, there were only like two or three realistic moves Michael Jordan could have made this summer to wind up in the headlines. And yesterday he made one of them by bringing Kwame Brown to the Bobcats … Granted, it’s just a one-year deal for the veteran minimum. And as far as backup centers go, you could do a lot worse than Kwame. But this is just like when the Knicks re-hired Isiah Thomas for those 20 minutes a couple weeks ago: What does Kwame do so well that you couldn’t have signed anybody else and avoided the bad PR and constant jokes? Charlotte could have inked Francisco Elson to a cheap deal and gotten similar production without becoming a punchline. But if anybody in the League can operate beyond the scope of public perception and not worry about his credibility, it’s Jordan … Right after Spain and Team USA played another nail-biter, it was announced that Spanish PG Jose Calderon will miss the World Championship due to a torn hamstring. He’ll reportedly miss at least a month, which could bleed into Raptors training camp. Not that the team is too high on Calderon anymore anyway — remember, they tried to trade him in the botched Tyson Chandler/Boris Diaw deal — but he’s still an important part of the rotation as Jarrett Jack‘s likely backup … From the “Consider The Source” files, apparently Antoine Walker has dropped 20 pounds since re-dedicating himself to an NBA return, and a handful of teams are interested in him. But that’s according to Walker’s uncle. That’s like one step above a player’s Mom claiming he’s grown more mature and is in the best shape of his life. Just about every NBA team could use another shooter and a vet with championship experience, but given his age and conditioning, what’s the difference between signing ‘Toine and signing Sam Perkins? … Over the weekend there was a short-lived rumor that the Hornets were interested in Allen Iverson. One reason it was believable was that New Orleans (again) doesn’t really have a backup PG for Chris Paul. Yesterday the team signed Mustafa Shakur to a partially-guaranteed deal, meaning he’ll still have to earn a roster spot in camp, but he’s in line to be CP3’s understudy … How good is Yi Jianlian? How good can he be? In a recent interview, Yi’s trainer called him “unbelievably fast” and said he’s trying to get Yi to play like Rashard Lewis, using the three-pointer as his bread-and-butter. We got a look at Yi with Team China at the World Basketball Festival, and he looks like he put on some muscle. The Wizards will be his third team in four NBA seasons; with some consistency and job security, he should improve over the next few years if he doesn’t keep getting traded … When we grow up, we want to be Bret Michaels. The guy hasn’t made a relevant piece of music in like 20 years, yet he still has good to amazing-looking women literally fighting over him and gets to do stuff like host last night’s Miss Universe pageant. Of course Bret still rocked the bandana in a room where everybody else was dressed to the nines … We’re out like the 2001 Draft …

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