J.R. Smith Launched A Kickstarter For A Reality Show While The Finals Are Happening

06.07.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

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J.R. Smith’s critics have always used the Cleveland Cavaliers guard’s perceived lack of focus as their ammunition. Rumors of late-night clubbing before games have followed him for almost as long as he’s been in the league, and we all know how hot his DMs can get. But ever since his trade from New York to come under LeBron’s umbrella, the extracurricular stuff has largely fallen away, and he’s been a productive player. It’s been great to see.

Now, down two games in the NBA Finals, the Cavs might be witnessing the rebirth of Bad J.R. He’s only scored eight points on 33 percent shooting from the field, but everyone on the Cavs is shooting a poor percentage so far. The striking thing about Smith is how few shots he’s gotten up. To see J.R. Smith gun-shy is like seeing your dad cry — it makes you question some stuff.

To compound the problem, Smith’s promo outfit, Team Swish, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a reality show based on J.R., his family, and his bodyguard named Boom. As much fun as that may sound, the timing of this campaign is not great.

Smith himself hasn’t said anything about the project, thank goodness – we wouldn’t want to see LeBron’s reaction if he saw J.R. doing promos down 2-0 in what certainly feels from the outside like the most important NBA Finals of LeBron’s career. Still, Mashable got in contact with the Team Swish members responsible for the Kickstarter, and they were told the Kickstarter “Of course, wouldn’t have been posted … without proper authorization.”

Apparently the pilot episode has already been shot, and the bulk of filming will take place after the Finals, with the campaign set to run through Aug. 4. Early returns aren’t stellar. As of writing this, the project had 16 backers pledging just $458 of a requested $450,000. Backers receive rewards ranging from a signed thank-you letter all the way to a credited appearance on the show (for $6,000). The Kickstarter says that when completed, the show will be released for free on Team Swish’s website.

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