Post Up: Kenyon Martin Answers Readers’ Questions

12.08.08 9 years ago

Last week, we started a feature called “Post Up” where we provide Dime readers the opportunity to ask NBA players questions. First up was Kenyon Martin. We sent K-Mart all of your questions and he picked 17 of them to answer on his way back from the Nuggets’ game in Sacramento on Saturday night…

1. mike says:

2pac or Biggie?

Kenyon says: Pac

2. N-Truh-Kit says:

Once you started the physical part of rehab from the knee surgeries, what was the hardest exercise for you?

Kenyon says: Leg press was definitely the hardest rehab exercise for me.

3. King Midas 22 says:

What’s more satisfying… a monster jam or a monster block? Why?

Kenyon says: For me, a block is more satisfying because it stops two points for the other team.

4. got them..SCOOBY DO’s says:

Did it piss you off when the Nets traded you? I thought you guys were a couple of role players from getting over the top/getting a ring!

Kenyon says: I can tell you I didn’t like it when the Nets traded me but I understood it was a business decision. No hard feelings.

5. FaqueAireJordann says:

If the Kings move to Vegas, would you want to join up?

Kenyon says: No, I wouldn’t want to play in Vegas. Not my scene.

6. dmitry of jersey says:

Do you think you are over/under/just right-rated compared to other power forwards in the NBA?

Kenyon says: I think I’m rated right where I am supposed to be among power
forwards in the NBA.

7. Edub says:

Do you still have beef with Tim Thomas?

Kenyon says: YES.

8. kobeef says:

Do you like the nick-name K-Mart?

Kenyon says: Yes, I like my nickname. Some guys don’t like the nicknames they’re given, but I do.

9. Netstar882211 says:

Being the last 4-year college player drafted with the #1 overall pick in the draft, how do you feel about the NBA’s age limit, and the number of one-and-done college players?

Kenyon says: Who’s to say the age for someone to support your family? You can get
drafted and serve in the army at 18 so why can’t you play professionally?

10. Aron says:

Who is the best PG you ever played with? You know, the one who could throw the best alley-oop.

Kenyon says: J-Kidd is the best point guard I’ve ever played with.

11. Scottee says:

You are starting your own NBA squad and you get a chance to pick whoever you want to play for you, coach for you, and cheer you on. Who’s your top five, who’s your coach and what city would you play in?

Good shit man and good luck the rest of the year. Thanks!

Kenyon says: My coach would be Doc Rivers. The players would be myself, LeBron, Kobe, Dwight Howard, and Ray Allen.

12. Petris says:

K-Mart ,

Dave Chappelle , Chris Rock , Eddie Murphy , or Martin Lawrence ?

Wu Tang , Tribe Called Quest , Bone Thugs , N.W.A. ?

Kenyon says: I have to go with Eddie Murphy (standup), Martin Lawrence and N.W.A.

13. Diego says:

Kenyon: Here’s a general one my wife often asks me (seriously) when we go to NBA games or watch football: What’s with all the guys patting each others’ butts?

Kenyon says: That’s funny – patting just a congrats sign of doing well for your team.

14. Holdher says:

What do you think about Cincy winning the Big East in football? I thnk if you didnt get hurt your last year at Cincy, yall would have won it all and you would have been the number one pick in the draft, what do you think?

Kenyon says: I think it’s great for Cincy, especially since they are not really known for football at all.

15. Justin G. says:

Kenyon, I got my dog when I was in third grade and named him after you. He recently passed away. Will you honor my dog by having an all star caliber season?

Kenyon says: I will do my best.

16. Justin Solomon says:

Do you still keep up with any former Bearcat players that you played with? If so, where are they ballin and what are they up to?

Kenyon says: I still keep up with a few, but none are currently playing in the NBA.

17. MSkittle says:

How did you meet Trina?

Kenyon says: At an event in Miami. It was at Zo’s Summer Groove.

Be on the lookout for Josh Childress‘ answers to your questions this week…

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