Kevin Durant Is Reportedly Considering Joining Carmelo Anthony In New York

09.04.15 2 years ago 21 Comments
Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant

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You can probably speculate as to which talking head on which network made the suggestion, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you what Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN last week about the impending free agency of Kevin Durant AND Kobe Bryant.

Durant’s July, 2016 has been discussed ad nauseam since before this past summer, and even before 2015 — the year before the year before he’s a free agent (not a typo). That’s what happens with a player of KD’s caliber, the only NBA player who might be able to challenge LeBron James in terms of unsettling the top of the league’s hierarchy (that is, before KD’s Jones fracture ruined his 2014-15 season). So here we are, exactly what the owners envisioned during negotiations in 2011, right?

The same person who so earnestly and LOUDLY championed KD’s return home to the Washington Wizards, is now saying he’s being recruited by Carmelo Anthony (that’s not surprising at all) and is actually giving it some consideration (a lot less likely). Not only that, but he even threw in Mamba’s name to make the 2016-17 Knicks a possible Cerberus. Here’s what Stephen A. recently said on First Take:

“I know for a fact that Carmelo Anthony has been, and will continue to recruit Kevin Durant until the cows come home. I’m also hearing that Kevin Durant is giving the New York Knicks consideration. And there are people in NBA circles who have joked around about the possibility of Kobe Bryant — if not wanted by the Lakers — could end up playing for a year with Melo and Kevin Durant.”

So, that’s bonkers, right? A lot of people will say it’s insane, and the Knicks have no shot. We’d be one of them. But there are other factors to consider.

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